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November 30, 2010

Bedded Down, Part 2

by Cait

Way back in September I started a post on how we made the frame for the guest bed, and then because I felt the need to wait for the guest post to go up before revealing the room, I moved on to other things and never finished it.  Whoops.  This is the very belated second half of that. Pleasedon’thateme.

When we last left off we had just made the frame, which we then brought in from the shed and wrapped in three layers of batting.

We cut the batting into strips, and at first we started attaching one layer at a time, but because we were using a pneumatic staple gun we found that we were able to do all three layers at the same time.

We then cut our blue-grey fabric into strips, stretched it over the batting and stapled it into place.  Since we were inspired by this bed by Daniel, we knew that it was best to start with the fabric on the footboard so that we didn’t end up with weird, asymmetrical seams that would bother me to no end.  I think our corners were a bit easier to wrap since there wasn’t a leg in place to wrap around, although we did end up going back and trimming around the triangles where the legs attached so it was less bulky.

For our corners we turned the raw edge of the side pieces under and stapled the bejesus out of them.  I know.  Such a detailed and technical explanation.  You’re welcome.

Robert attached the legs through some manly process, probably involving sorcery with a couple of nails and/or staples and then we began to reassemble the bed frame.  Which is when we realized that our frame had a bracket for attaching a headboard that needed to be removed (it’s entirely possible that despite our careful measuring the addition of batting and fabric made things a little too close).  Whoops.

After some fun with a die grinder we reassembled the bed for real.

Once we put the mattress back on top of the box spring we pulled the fitted sheet down over the top of the box spring (this was possible because the sheets were meant for a mattress up to 18 inches deep) and then tucked the flat sheet into the frame.

This bed has pretty much become Dots’ favorite place in the house when we don’t have company.