Paint Colors

We use a lot of color in our house, and I thought it might be helpful if we compiled all of  our paint colors one place.

A few other details worth mentioning:

  • Everything we have painted so far has been with Valspar. We like them for their color selection, quality and price.
  • We used eggshell for almost all of our interior finishes, even the kitchen and bathroom (and we haven’t had any issues with scrubbability, but we also don’t have kids). The one exception to this is the Closet Office in the Art Room, which was painted with a $3 Oops can in Satin finish.
  • In the majority of the house we have not repainted the trim, but when we do we plan to repaint it using pre-mixed Valspar Ultra White in satin.
  • The exterior of our house has yet to be repainted. Currently it is a peach color that was chosen by a former homeowner. We repainted the front door as well as the front porch ceiling and plan to repaint the rest of the exterior this fall.

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