Floor Plan

I know I always like it when I can visualize the way someone’s house is laid out, which is difficult with photos alone.  Since neither one of us is a big fan of doing videos (and really the only things we have that would make one possible is an iPhone or a ridiculously old Sony point-and-shoot digital camera) we figured a floor plan of the house might be helpful.

A Few Other Things:

  • When our house was built in 1955 it was 1220 square feet. The living room, guest “suite” and porch were added later making it 1851 square feet of heated space (this does not include the laundry room, which is considered unfinished storage).  One day we would like to convert the back porch into a sunroom with a baseboard heater, making it just shy of 2245 square feet.
  • Our house has original hardwood in most rooms, but the living room and guest room were carpeted by the previous owner and both bathrooms, the kitchen and the back porch are tile.
  • A large portion of the back porch is taken up by a 9 foot pool table which we got from a family friend (but that’s a story for another day).
  • In truth, our laundry room, 4th bedroom and back porch are not painted (yet).
  • Not completely to scale. The Art Room closet and hall bath are not the same size as I make it look.

7 Responses to “Floor Plan”

  1. Hey there. What program did you use to create your floorplan? I’ve been wanting to do one, but floorplanner.com seemed very time-consuming…

    • I just used Photoshop, because Floorplanner.com keeps kicking my butt! Anything from MS Paint to Photoshop should work, though. Hope it helps and good luck!

  2. Ha I think I’ll just give you a layout-ish and you can make mine okay? Okay! Haha! I will have to try to tackle this…someday.

    • Haha I’d be happy to try if you could send me a sketch.

      Otherwise, basically I just got a rough outline from the property search portion of our city’s website, sketched it, added the interior walls, and scanned it.


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