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December 19, 2011

Holiday Amnesia

by Cait

I think I might have holiday amnesia. When I wake up in the morning it feels like July. Or maybe October (seeing as we have the flannel sheets and down comforter on the bed). As the day goes on I remember that Christmas is looming, but the house remains undecorated. The next morning I wake up thinking it’s summer or fall again.

Last year I had our wreath hung up, I added snowflakes to the front windows (using Gel Gloss since Gold Seal Glass Wax is impossible to find), and decorated the (incredibly expensive) tree while listening to the soundtracks of A Charlie Brown Christmas and the Nutcracker.

I have about 8 more of these snowflake stencils, anyone want one?


A month or so ago I tried to prod myself into the Christmas spirit by decorating the mantel. I called it a winter mantel, to fool myself into thinking it was ok that I didn’t feel very festive. I broke out lots of blue, mercury glass, and used Sara’s flameless candle insulator trick. Halfway through I gave up, plunked my garnet & gold Bowden flakes on the right hand side, and went to Home Depot. I figured we’d replace it with something more festive when the inspiration came. They’re still there.

We worship the church of football, so that makes it ok, right?

While writing this You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch came on my Nat King Cole (Holiday) Pandora station. I gave it a thumbs up.

I mentioned earlier that we finally brought our Christmas tree inside, but it’s not decorated yet. Fortunately this year’s tree was about half the cost of last year’s, so that part makes me feel a bit better.

As for why I’m not in the holiday mood… Let’s just say it’s been a tough year. Some of my Twitter friends know part of the story, and I talked a little about part of it in veiled terms here. Mostly it’s a combination of factors.

Here’s hoping the new year is merry & bright.

December 19, 2011

In Which Our Tree is Still Not Decorated a Week Before Christmas

by Cait

Or: In Which Our Tree Enjoys a Refreshing Glass of Sprite*

You mean the tree is supposed to have things on it six days before Christmas? You people and your deadlines.

*Sprite because when we Googled tree preservative recipes it suggested a tad of chlorine-free bleach, caffeine-free lemon-lime soda, or epsom salts in addition to warm water. So we used all of the above.