Wordless Week – Day 4 & 5: The Good Old Days

by Cait

2 Comments to “Wordless Week – Day 4 & 5: The Good Old Days”

  1. I love the trees and the Christmas lights. Side note: I worked on a video shoot in Orlando a few years ago and we had to remove all of the beautiful hanging moss from the trees on the set. I was devastated by it (they were trying to make the setting look more northeastern instead of floridian).

    • I would have been devastated, too! I love Spanish moss, something about it is just so southern and comforting. Maybe it’s because my grandparents house has a huge oak tree out from with tons of Spanish moss.

      The street above is one of my favorites, with the moss-draped oaks on one side and palm trees on the other. (Also, the side with palm trees has $3-5million houses on the river. Must be nice.) I make a point to detour down that street on the way home, especially if I’m feeling grumpy (this view is nice too: http://yfrog.com/hsllbgej). The I think they added the white lights to the trees in that park in the summer, but it’s especially pretty to see them around Christmas.

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