25 before 25

by Cait

seen here

I turn 25 in February, so I thought I’d make a list of 25 things I’d like to accomplish before then. Some of them (especially the first 2) will be harder than others, but that’s ok. I’m telling myself I’ll be ok with not checking everything off (after all, our Summer List was a total flop and I never made a Fall List). I’ve been working on this list for a little while, so some of the things are already checked off or labeled as “working on it”.

  1. Finish the guest bathroom
  2. Finish the back patio
  3. Finish dining gallery wall
  4. Hang art in hallway – working on it
  5. Hang art in living room
  6. Work on Closet Office
  7. Build entryway console
  8. Paint the master bedroom ceiling
  9. Update Our House section
  10. Work on blog layout
  11. Consider buying a premium theme
  12. Or self-hosting the blog
  13. Fix text link colors on side bar
  14. Work on Design Boards section
  15. Visit DC with Robert
  16. Cook new recipes more often – working on it
  17. Bake a pie
  18. Make a pizza
  19. Eat more veggies – working on it
  20. Eat more fruit – working on it
  21. Learn to like asparagus
  22. Learn to like brocoli – working on it
  23. Make a Green Smoothie
  24. Try to like eggs (in ways other than “French toasted”)
  25. Work hard & be nice to people.

Other than that the big 2-5 will probably be very low-key. I’m pretending I’ll decorate the backyard like some of the pictures on my Party Ideas board on Pinterest, bake a cake & make invites, but we haven’t thrown a party in years. At least not one with more than 10 people, or cute banners, etc. Plus, can you really decorate the house and do any of that for your own party? Isn’t that kind of narcissistic?

17 Responses to “25 before 25”

  1. Do you mind if I steal your 25 by 25 idea? I love the concept! I’ve tried to do one of those “101 in 1001” lists that were floating around for awhile, but I think they’re unrealistically long.

    And I think that if you want to throw a party for your birthday, throw a party! Or maybe mention it to a few girlfriends and see if anyone will volunteer ;)

    • Steal away! It’s not really my idea, i saw it floating around in various forms (30 before 30, 33 before 33 etc) and deiced “what the heck!” I know that I would find 101 in 1001 unrealistically long, too!

      Maybe! Last year Robert got some friends and family to come over, which was really nice. I think I might throw a party for no reason at some point or help someone decorate for a party. I don’t really like being the center of attention and all that.

  2. 24. Try to like eggs (in ways other than “French toasted”)
    Have you ever tried quiche? It’s like omlette pie; usually doused in cheese, popularly made with ham (though you can do a veg version too). Also, most baking includes eggs does that count? :P

    I feel you on decorating for your own party, takes some of the fun out of it! Though I often bake my own goodies because of my epic sweet tooth, and invitations usually consist of a mass email with silly graphics I’ve tossed together myself or texts phrased “there will be beer and fire, and also instances of me making a complete a$$ of myself. it’ll be a good time!”

    good luck with your 25 before25!

    • Thanks Martinai!

      Oh that’s a good point! I think I like quiche (or at least mini quiches) and some souffles. I was thinking of just going through all the others ways of making eggs like in Runaway Bride or Julie & Julia, but I should definitely try quiches and omlettes.

      or texts phrased “there will be beer and fire, and also instances of me making a complete a$$ of myself. it’ll be a good time!” This sounds like my life, haha! Although we’ve basically been antisocial/hermits the last 6 months or so. (Hopefully I’ll be able to blog about why sometime in January.)

  3. Freaking love broccoli. Hope you find success with this! (Well, with all of them really. But I get sad when people don’t like broccoli.)

  4. Good luck with everything! I like eating broccoli with lots of garlic… that is how I learned to love it, haha! :)

    Green smoothies though… blech!

  5. Here’s a brocoli idea (it’s actually what we ate as a side dish with dinner TONIGHT) – clean your florets, toss with olive oil & garlic salt & salt & pepper, roast at 500 degrees until they get brown and crispy, take out & squeeze with lemon juice. SERIOUSLY so good (it tastes like junk food, almost). Try it out and let me know what you think!

  6. haha, DC in the winter is not the best time of year to visit! Hopefully you’ll hit one of our random 70 degree winter days though ;) Good luck with your list!

    • Thanks Kate!

      Haha! The last time I was in DC it was snowing. Our work schedules really only allow for winter vacations. At least the city is pretty in the snow? Besides, we get enough 70 degree Decembers down here!


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