Why My ReStore Kicks Your ReStore’s Butt

by Cait

I understand that this post will make all of you absolutely hate me (Jami already called me a hooker).

351 subway tiles, 4 sheets of octagon-dot: $19

And now that I’m not doing my crackhead impression feverishly counting tiles and lugging them around the store like a crazy person, I realize we only needed about 220 tiles. (Crackhead math = forgetting to subtract the window.) So basically that’s our entire shower surround for $11.

I’m starting to feel like our $63 floor tile is expensive (and it was the least expensive option).

Happy (Veteran’s Day) Friday!

A few more of our ReStore deals: TubReclaimed Wood, Back Porch Fan  

30 Comments to “Why My ReStore Kicks Your ReStore’s Butt”

  1. Oh my goodness. My jaw dropped. I am SO JEALOUS!

  2. Again that’s amazing. Added bonus of over-buying is that if any of the tiles break/chip when they’re cut then you’ll have extras :)

    Your restore kicks my restores butt mostly because the closest restores to me are like 6-8 hours away.

    • I’m excited for all the extras for that exact reason! Plus, now we can make the shower surround go a bit taller, which will be nice.

      That’s so sad about the closest ReStore being that far away!

  3. DAMN CAIT!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, you rock!!!!!!! If our Restore was a bit closer, I would totally stock it! Eric is now officially on board to let me build him a desk and storage solutions for his office… I might need to do my best to get my butt over there and check things out!

    • *blush*

      That sounds awesome about the desk & storage solutions! Our ReStore is pretty random on what they have, but I bet you could find some base cabinets and make something sort of like YHL’s desk (but not built in, unless you want it to be built in, of course). Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  4. That’s awesome – I haven’t had any success at our ReStore… yet. I think I need to go more often and maybe I’ll just be there at the right time for something great!

  5. You are a total hooker!!!! WTF. Thanks for making me feel like a jag for paying 30k for our kitchen…..

  6. What a deal!!! That’s great!

  7. I’ve been a bad friend…I’ve not visited blog land in quite a while but I’m back..until I disappear again! :p Holy Bathroom posts Cait! HAHA you totally are still a hooker though! Todd agrees and rarely is a fan of me using the term…feel the love?!

    I cannot wait to see how the bathroom comes together and me and my poor sleepy child will become a regular at our ReStore, maybe even looking dirty and totally disheveled so that they’ll bestow pity on us and fill us in when goodies come in! :p

  8. Seriously? Score! Definitely jealous, though I’m not sure I have the right to be. We haven’t spent nearly enough time in our Restore. Must change that, clearly!

  9. WHAT! All our ReStore ever has is old brass yucky stuff. Jealousssss!!

  10. Damn, our ReStore NEVER has deals like that! Great find!!!

    • Thanks Miranda! I think checking often is the only way to find deals. Does your ReStore have a mailing list? I signed up for the email list at ours and it’s how we learned about some of the deals.

  11. Wow! It really does kick my ReStore’s butt! Ours only ever has the type of tile I would want to rip out and replace – nothing cute like this! Great finds!

  12. score!!! i need to start visiting whatever restore you go to…

    • Thanks Kelly! I think ReStores are really hit-or-miss and that Robert & I have been really lucky in our timing. Either that or not many other people in the area want the same things we do (I’m thinking that one is less likely).

  13. When we bought our new place last year, we gutted it (kitchen, baths, carpet, hardware, doors, windows, lights, granite, etc.) and took everything to the Restore. It was perfectly fine, but just not our tastes. The new sink we put in was retailed for $2,800, but we got it for $1,200. I thought that was a real bargain till I saw one on someone’s blog. It was the exact, same sink (Kohler double bowl farm sink) and she found it at her local restore for $150.

    • Wow $150 for that is a crazy good deal! But I think you did a really great job, too! I’m always worried that I’m going to buy something too soon and miss out on an even better deal.

      We donate a lot to our ReStore, too. The employees&volunteers joke that we donate there, we shop there, now we just need to volunteer there (which is funny, because we met volunteering for our local Habitat for Humanity).

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