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November 9, 2011

Mini Bathroom Overhaul: Update

by Cait

As an ademdum to my post Monday, I bought these handles (mostly for the one the arrow is pointing to) but the photo somehow didn’t make it in the post.

Sadly the handle is 7/8″ bigger than the ones I was tempted to buy (and I need a 5/8″ diverter index button, any suggestions?) I have some more handles on their way though, so fingers crossed those work out (if so, it’s about half as expensive as the ones I was considering). Otherwise I think we’ll be going the ceramic cross handle route in this bathroom as well.

In other news, I bought this shower head for about a tenth of it’s retail value, and I have a 15″ chrome shower arm on its way as well.

Basically, the plan is to distract people who may use the bathroom with the shiny chromeness. “Please don’t look at the slight spider cracking in our 56 year old yellow tile. Pay no attention to the fact that the floor looks like someone may have glue indoor-outdoor carpet down as somepoint. Look at this shiny showerhead instead. Ok great. Thanks.”

Aside from this new (sexy) vent fan, we have spent less than $100 on the hall bathroom so far.

We’re making some progress with the guest bath. After the 4th day (technically) of working on it, I don’t want to break out in hives just looking at it. And Robert only fell through the subfloor once (it’s only a 4-6″ drop, he’s fine), so I’d call that a success. Sidenote: He said “this is what was supporting your bath” right before he fell through the floor. Because that’s not scary at all. It’s not like water is heavy or anything.

Last night we mainly we gathered up three contractor bags of busted tile, drywall & gross old insulation, and removed screws and nails that didn’t come out with the drywall from the studs. We also remeasured the room to better estimate supply costs and we gained about 4 inches in each direction (though some of that will go away again with drywall and tile). My Michael Graves dust pan that my mom gave me before I left for college also bit the dust (pun intended). It seems it had somewhat of a design flaw in that it didn’t hold up as well to screws, nails, broken tile, etc as certain Y chromosomes may have expected. </sarcasm> I’m officially adding the price of that and a new broom to the renovation costs.

The next steps for the guest bath are something along the lines of:
1) Brace the walls better (studs shouldn’t move when you remove drywall nails… right?)
2) Move plumbing for toilet, possibly sink, and contemplate second shower head
3) Insulate
4) Drywall/greenboard/cement board*
5) Squeal and bounce excitedly as more supplies arrive**

* I’m going to keep calling it “drywall”, but we’re probably using GP DensArmor or something along those lines. I’m going to let Robert figure that one out, just like he’s going to have to figure out how many 3×6 subway tiles we need.
** The timing of that last one really depends on shipping.

 Tonight we’re going to be doing a lot of measuring and list making, then we’ll stock up on supplies for the next steps.

What is everyone else up to project-wise these days? I’d love to hear about it!