Guest Bath Redux: It’s Happening Again

by Cait

I got jealous of everyone else in Blogland drywalling, so yesterday I threw down the challenge to Robert. I think he got into the spirit of it (or he’s excited about his new respirator), because this morning he said “I may clear the bathroom before you get home.” To which I replied “Ok, make sure to take pictures!”

We’re picking up where we left off in May, so if you don’t hear from us for awhile, you might want to send the bloodhounds.

6 Comments to “Guest Bath Redux: It’s Happening Again”

  1. Blogland does nothing if not light a fire under your ass! I’m guilty of it too!

  2. Blogland serves to distract me from the task at hand most days. I’ve been itching to do something in our bathroom ever since I saw the picture of this gut-job even though I am up to my elbows in insulation in the dining room/attic currently.

    Can’t wait to see some progress pictures it’ll look awesome when it’s finished!

    • That’s usually what happens to me, too, atbuildingbeauty! “Ooh, a kitchen reno, pretty!”, etc. This time I tried to embrace it by asking you and Sara to give me a kick in the bathroom renovating butt! Gotta share the drywalling & insulating with someone, right?

      Thanks! Tonight we’re mainly going to be clearing the last of the rubble out, capping the sink lines, and hopefully measuring for insulation and greenboard/cementboard/drywall. Hope to have updates soon!

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