Give Life

by Cait

Did you know that Americans spent $2.3 billion dollars on Halloween candy this year? Just the idea of that much candy sickens me. But this is bigger than my dislike of Halloween. It’s bigger than my fear of whether or not this fits with what I normally blog about. It’s bigger than my personal viewpoints on religion, too.

Shannan at Flowerpatch Farmgirl is trying to raise $10,000 to build a well for a village in Africa. I donated the money I would have spent on Halloween candy. You can help, too. Click the image below or go here.

11 Responses to “Give Life”

  1. I think your first paragraph distracts from the wonderful cause you are trying to promote.

    • Thank you for the comment, Lindsay. I can see how it may detract from the cause. I simply meant to point out that peope (including me) spend far too much money on completely frivolous things and not enough time & energy focusing on things that matter.

      That being said, I’m going to leave the first paragraph. I blog the way I speak, and often times I offend people. I’m not going to make apoligies for that. If the first paragraph takes away from the message then I hope people read the orginal post by Shannan.

      I hope you understand. Thanks again for commenting.

  2. Interesting idea. Off to check it out.

  3. Ack, that’s not the same Lindsay as me. I try not to critique people’s writing unless they ask for it. :D

    I think it’s a good cause. Personally I wouldn’t donate in lieu of Halloween candy because the neighborhood kids wouldn’t understand the reasoning, but I am a very big fan of charities that provide water – charity:water is my preference though.

    • Haha, no worries Lindsay! Everything is fine between the above Lindsay and me.

      I defintely didn’t mean everyone should donate instead of buying Halloween candy, that’s just what I did. I really hate Halloween (especially this year, since it was so over-the-top for seemingly no reason). However, I do feel like things would be better if a few people spent a little less on things like candy and gave a little more to worthy causes.

      • Participating in Halloween is a personal choice. My boyfriend wouldn’t if I left it up to him. I’m just picturing my house getting egged if I didn’t have candy. It probably wouldn’t happen (we live in a pretty quiet neighborhood), but I’d rather not take any chances! Plus I get to see all the cute little kids in their costumes, which is my favorite part.

        I absolutely agree with you, the world would be a better place if everyone made charitable donations a regular part of their lives. I think it’s great that you’re advocating a cause you believe in, and you did it in a nice, non-pushy way, so I don’t see anything to complain about!

  4. Cait, Good for you for blogging the way you speak and not apologizing for it. (Sidenote: not criticizing your commenter either. I believe everyone in the public blogosphere has a right to speak their mind politely.)

    That is a crazy amount of money, This year we chose not to participate. Last year I was shocked at how much it cost to get a good supply of candy ready. Then only a handful of kids rang our bell. It was disappointing. So that’s why we passed. Off to check out this cause.

    • Thanks Jane! (And thanks for the sidenote! I completely agree, and I think Lindsay (both Lindsays, really) were polite. Hopefully my responses were as well. I went back to today’s post and added a mention that it isn’t in response to either commenter above.)

      You echo my senitments exactly! My parents a few streets over said they had over 100 kids come by, but last year when we had candy to give out we didn’t get very many.

      I should add that to anyone who does not want to donate directly to Shannan’s fundraiser there are plenty of places with similar goals. charity: water, as the second Lindsay above mentioned, and Give Life, Give Water. A quick Google search will bring up a number of charities.


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