Colorful Additions and a Paint Question

by Cait

Complete cop out on post titles tonight. I’ll try harder next time.

Just a short post to show you the new pictures of the Art Room that I didn’t have with me when I posted earlier.

This yellow chair was picked out of the neighbors’ trash one rainy evening about a year ago. After a coat of $4 spray paint later it’s looking quite cheery.

We found this vintage pulldown map on eBay. It’s about 68×70 inches, and with shipping and the french cleats we bought to hang it the total came to about $90.

have I ever mentioned that the clock is from my childhood bedroom? it hung over the closet there, too

I forgot to mention earlier that we’re planning to change up the desk surface in the Closet Office. We were going to use a Lagan Countertop from Ikea, but the cost to drive to the closest Ikea plus that of the counter itself comes to about $100, and that’s just not feasible right now. Fortunately we have quite a few more of the 50 cent Ikea L-brackets we used for the current desk surface, so we are plotting cheaper options for a new. longer desk.

Otherwise, the only real plan we have is to paint the closet before installing the new desk. We have about half a gallon of the same color we painted the hallway (Valspar’s Churchill Hotel Hazy Yellow), and most of a gallon of mossy-green Oops paint. Other ideas we have kicked around are terracotta red, navy, gray. The conservative (and cheap) side of me says to use the paint from the hallway, especially with all the other bold things in the room. The impromptu poll I conducted on Twitter voted navy, but I don’t know how that would look with the blue walls everywhere else in the room. There are 10 paint chips over the monitor on the right at the moment, and I can’t pick.

Anyone have any ideas about closet colors? Desk options? I’m tempted to just go the cheap route and use the hallway color and construct a desk from all the scrap wood we have hanging around.

PS- I still owe you an updated design board, but Robert should be home from class soon. Maybe I’ll have knock-off Emeco chair pictures and a design board tomorrow.

21 Responses to “Colorful Additions and a Paint Question”

  1. Love. That. Chair. And the map! My vote for the closet – go cheap and use what you have. ORRR leave the side walls the same color and get a cheap quart of a new color for the back wall, which is what you’d mostly see (like a shade of gold/yellow to complement the curtains and that awesome chair). And I love the idea of reusing the wood for the desk.

    • Thanks Emily!

      I was thinking of “cheating” and just painting the back wall. It’s 96×96, so a quart would probably work. I liked the idea of yellow, too. I wonder if we have any of the yellow from the library/living room/dining room/guest room left… (I guess we REALLY like yellow!) Come to think of it, the hallway tan is sort of a yellow-y tan, so it would probably go well with the curtains & chair if we end up using that,

      I’m thinking the wood we already have is definitely the way to go. Hurry up, weekend!

  2. I’m no help with your questions but I do love your yellow chair. That’s helpful, right?

  3. I’m obsessed with the chair and map! The corner of a piece of wood looks like perfect for an accidental impaling!! I agree with the Emily…just pain the back wall you don’t have to pain the whole wall! Or you can stencil the back wall! I love the idea of navy though!

  4. LOVE your yellow chair! Also, the map = awesome. I am no help with paint colors. I usually end up with 10 different paint samples on the wall before I choose!

  5. I love this entire room. The curtains are fab. Did you make them? And that map is slaying me. The chair is so cute. The bright color just makes it.

    • Thanks Kim! We did make the curtains (here’s the post about them), but cheated and used hem tape because my sewing machine and I don’t really get along. The fabric was scored from when they were having a great sale (and I had a coupon!).

      I’m having so much fun with all the bright colors! The wall color is one of those that seems to change depending on the light in the room, so that makes it fun (in the evenings or with the curtains closed it looks like the top two pictures, and in the mornings or with the curtains open it looks like the bottom one).

  6. I think yellow would be a great color choice. Nice and cheery. Navy would be depressing and wouldn’t coordinate with the rest of the room. Love the color crayon clock by the way.

    • Thanks Carol! While I’m not sure that navy would be depressing, I definitely agree that it may be disjointed from the rest of the room. I’m leaning towards yellow or yellowy-tan at the moment.

  7. The chair looks great in yellow! It is neat how you have the map, the chair, and the curtains with yellow all in them to bounce your eye around the room!

    • Thanks Danielle! I was a little worried that the map would be “too much” with everything else, but I’m loving how it turned out! (And fortunately if I ever need a break from it we can just roll the map up!)

  8. Seconding the yellow suggestion for the closet! It would tie in the yellow in the rest of the room, as well as give you a bright, cheery space to blog/do your internet thang. I feel like using a dark color, like the navy previously suggested, in an already semi-enclosed, small area, would feel too overpowering and make the space feel too close.

    • Thanks Lynn Marie! I have the same concern. I’ve seen really well-done small, dark and bold spaces, but I feel like it might be overpowering to work in a space like that. Hopefully we will decide what to go with this weekend and get back to everyone :)

  9. When you initially said yellow for the closet I was on board, mostly cause I love the yellow suzani fabric you have for curtains (I have that in my living room). But then you said navy. I absolutely vote for navy! I think if you find something that’s really dark it’ll make your computer monitors almost disappear onto the wall and everything will look nice and streamlined.

  10. I think I have to agree. A softer yellow would tie it in without screaming “LOOK OVER HERE! I BELONG TOO!!” You know what I mean? (For example, If it’s too bright it will almost uncomfortably demand attention like that sloppy drunk girl at the party, but if its more of a toned down creamy yellow its like the Zooey DeChanel in the room. All the mens want a piece of that and they’ve got no idea why. Nevermind, that analogy sucks. But I think you know where I was trying to go.. maybe?) Plus, if you add some art with black frames on that wall it could almost tie in those computer screens as part of the decor. Set up a photo rotating screen saver and you have two of those outrageously priced digital photo frames for nothin’! :)

    • Thanks for the suggestions, Britt! Love ’em!

      We were totally planning on going with tan or yellow and ended up going with a $3 Oops can from Lowe’s, so check back for that update!


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