The Blues

by Cait

Things have been hectic around here lately. A lot of working too much and coming home too tired to do a whole lot of anything in the way of projects. In spite of all that, we’re baby-stepping our way through a front porch mini-makeover this summer in an effort to improve our curb appeal and stay busy enough to keep our sanity. We already have the mailbox (a gift from Robert’s parents for my birthday), and we talked about our new door hardware and other changes we’d like to make here.

The next step in the process was to give our front porch ceiling a facelift. We’ve both been on a blue kick recently, and it’s a southern tradition to paint porch ceilings blue, so we embraced it. We started with a peach ceiling (which made the ceiling feel very low and closed-in), sporting asymmetrical trim (to hide the seams in the drywall), a HomeGoods lantern we turned into a porch light pre-blog, and far more dead bugs than I care to think about. (The photo below was taken after Robert started to pry the trim down, but there is a really old iPhone picture in this post with a true before picture.) Robert did all of the work (and took a lot of one-handed pictures),  since this took place during a period of time when I was working 58 hour weeks.

Robert pried the trim down using a razor knife & a screw driver, then added a few more screws to reinforce the drywall.

After everything was secured better he caulked the drywall seams.

Then he took down the old light and sanded the edges of the old layers of paint to help give everything a smoother, more seamless look in the end.

The first layer of spackle went up.

Followed by a lot of sanding and more spackling.

After waiting out a summer shower, he taped off the ceiling and rolled on two sample cans of  Valspar Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue (we changed our mind about the Glass Tile color after taping some paint chips to the ceiling and staring at them for a while).

Then the tape came down, and we added a new light.

All in all, it’s a cheerful addition that you can see peeking out at you when you pull up in the driveway.

I can’t wait to tackle the back porch now! Maybe we’ll wait until it cools off a little…

Edit: I saw this link on another blog (I wish I could remember which one!), and when my mom emailed it to me I thought I should add it to the post. Thanks to NPR for such a great link about blue porch ceilings.

17 Responses to “The Blues”

  1. OMG! I LOVE the blue ceiling! It is so fresh and inviting! And I did NOT know about the southern tradition, but it’s totally gorgeous so it really makes sense!

    • Thanks Ashley! I recently read an NPR article on blue ceilings (I wish I could remember what blog I was reading it on!), but it’s been very popular in the blog world recently, too. There are various reasons behind it, but we mostly went with blue because it’s just so gosh darn pretty!

  2. I love it!! Great color choice! It looks so fun and welcoming now! And how cute is it that he’ll do the work AND take the pictures for you, too!?

    • Thanks Brittany!

      I know! He is so good to me! And last night (on date night, while splitting a soft pretzel) he said “We need to write a blog post”. Fortunately we are going to a football game tonight and we went to the Apple Store last night (though technically he likes Macs and football because of me, crap). I did encourage him to go to the beach Tuesday afternoon instead of painting a chair while I was at work, so I think I get some points for that?

  3. The blue on the ceiling is awesome!!! Man, I wish we had a porch!

    • Thanks Chris! If it makes you feel better, I sometimes wish our porch was bigger. it’s probably about 4×8, but it is perfect for watching sunsets or listening to a nearby church play Christmas carols in the winter.

  4. Your porch looks amazing!! You guys did a great job!

  5. It looks SO much better without the trim covering the drywall seams. Like woah better. Good job guys!

  6. I love blue ceilings!! Yours looks great! I fell in love with them after our trip to Savannah and someone had mentioned about the bug thing. Who knew!

  7. Very nice! We have a couple of the same outdoor light fixture. Dont you just love it?!


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