Guest Bath Redux: Another Look at the Budget

by Cait

Remember back in April when we tried to fix a pipe that burst in the wall of our guest room, wound up discovering mold in the walls, and decided to do a complete bathroom overhaul instead? Yeah… about that. Sadly with everythig we’ve had going on the bathroom has pretty much been sealed off and waiting for us to have the time & money to tackle it since mid-May.

the guest bathroom in its former “dealing with it” stage

We haven’t done much besides gripe about how we need to get the guest bathroom back in working order think about exactly what direction to go with for the guest bathroom. I knew I wanted white subway tile and blue walls even before I found this picture on Houzz (back before Pinterest stole my heart), and thankfully Robert liked that direction a lot.

from houzz

Then the oval tub we removed during demo and put upside down in the backyard cracked on one edge. We tried to see it as a good thing, since making a solid surface tub surround would have been a pain in the neck with an oval tub. And then the second-guessing started. Did we even want a tub in that bathroom or if did we want a stand-up shower? Did we want hex tile on the floor or something more unique and unusual? Should we buy a new tub or cast one out of concrete? Pretty much the only things I never second guessed were white subway tile and blue walls.

 Last Thursday I was thinking about bathtubs (I prefer plumbing fixtures to jewelry) and looking on Pinterest when I saw the very modern Kohler Underscore. I fell in love with it for just long enough to realize that it’s supposed to retail for $1100 ($755 at Home Depot) and have a panic attack about our budget. Thankfully my good sense returned quickly and rather than resorting to desperate measures to fund our bath remodel I started searching around again. I sent Robert a link to the Kohler Devonshire ($350 at Home Depot) but neither one of us really liked the indentations around its edges. Then asked him sort of offhand if he could stop by our local ReStore to see what they had.

iPhone picture Robert sent me of the tub

Cue the heart palpatations when he sent me this picture a little while later. Someone must have heard my feeble cries for “fabulous on a budget” (to quote Jami from What The Graham), because this white tub was only $124.99 and it fit perfectly into our plan for the bathroom. I spent the rest of Thursday and part of Friday freaking out that someone else was going to buy it out from under us before he could go back, but luckily no one else was interested.

With that new addition, I decided it was about time to update the design board and reconfigure our budget tracking. We are still nowhere near ready to finish renovation, but I wanted to take a look at what we have ahead of us.

updated design board

You’ll notice that since the last design board I changed my mind on the sink faucet. I’m sure Robert is thrilled. However, he likes the tub spout I picked out, and agrees that the new faucet coordinates better. (Both from Overstock.)

I used a tub, toilet & sink that are similar to ours (tub shown is by Kohler, toilet by Glacier Bay, but the sink was something I Photoshopped together using one by St Thomas Creations and one by American Standard). Our sink is by St Thomas Creations, the tub is by Aquarius Bathware and I can’t remember the brand of our toilet (Zeus maybe?), but they’ve both been discontinued.

The sconce is from Lowe’s, and is similar to this one from Pottery Barn. The mirror was a HomeGoods purchase from right about the time we started the blog, but I’ve seen the same mirror at Pottery Barn, on Amazon, and possibly on Overstock.

Not pictured on my design board are the shower diverter escutcheon I ordered from Period Bath, and the shower diverter handle and faucet handles with escutcheons that I scored on eBay. We splurged on the shower diverter escutcheon, but I think we made up for it with our eBay finds. Period Bath has great customer service and quick, shipping, but it would have blown our budget our of the water to buy the other pieces from them, too.

shower diverter escutcheon and my eBay finds

Costs Thus Far:
Shower Arm: $22.99 (eBay)
Sink: $20 (local home renovation outlet)
Shower head: $25 (local home renovation outlet)
Toilet: $149 (local home renovation outlet)
Mirror: already owned (HomeGoods)
Shower Diverter Escutcheon: $65 (Period Bath)
Vintage Porcelain Faucet Handles with Escutcheons: $20 (eBay)
Shower Diverter Handle: $5 (eBay)
Bathtub: $124.99 (ReStore)

$485.02 (that includes sales tax and/or shipping)

I mentioned last time I did a budgeting post that we had spent about $326 thus far. I’m not sure if I factored that with or without tax&shipping, so I added everything again (minus the faucet spout and the metal cross handles, since we’ve changed our minds about using those) and then factored in the bathtub and a few other smaller things that we hadn’t purchased yet the last time.

Still to Buy:
Tub Spout: $40.99 (Overstock)
Sink Faucet: $159.99 (Overstock)
Sconces: $17.98 (x2; Lowe’s)
Recessed lights
Curtain rod
Tile (walls & floor)
Caulk & grout
Drywall & green board
Tape & mud
Insulation (two rolls)

And I might be forgetting some things. Again, we’re not ready to jump back into things, but we’re hoping that when it’s all said and done we’re under $5,000. To me that seems like a huge jump from $485, but Robert points out that we have to redo all four walls, the ceiling, insulation, the floor (and parts of the subfloor), some of the electrical, and all of the plumbing (inside the walls as well as moving the toilet and shifting the sink over). I know all of that is going to add up to a lot more than I was expecting, but hopefully it will still end up being a lot less than $5,000.

I’m starting to panic again. Sometimes I think Robert is rounding up and fearing the worst about what we’re going to run into as far as unforeseen-costs, but then I look back at other bathroom redos and realize they didn’t have to demo nearly as much as we did. Robert says the ones I’ve shown him don’t count because they didn’t fully demo everything, and then he tried to prove his point by giving me a panic attack talking about his plans for the hall bathroom. Which he says he can get done for less than $700. And then it led to a “discussion” about pocket door hardware.

What about y’all? Has anyone done a complete bathroom redo, from the studs back out? So please, help a girl out by sharing the figures from your bathroom redos!

PS- We weren’t paid for this post in any way, all opinions on Pottery Barn, HomeGoods, Overstock, Period Bath, etc are entirely our own. (Although if any of them would like to help fund our renovations, that might help with the panic attacks and heart palpatations.)

25 Responses to “Guest Bath Redux: Another Look at the Budget”

  1. I’m jealous of your fancy mood board skills! Love the choices!

    I’m glad I’m not the only that obsesses that someone is going to steal their great bargain!

  2. I dont think you want to hear my number for the bathroom reno! It’s a bit over 5000 but that included labour. And the subway tiles I bought may have been more expensive then needed, although we only tiled two walls. We swapped the toilet and sink placement too.

    Good luck with the reno, it will look great when you are done.

    • Thanks Sara!

      I completely understand that things can be more than that! Especially if you hire people to help with labor and things like that. Maybe I should have specified that we want to keep things under $5000 because hope to DIY a lot of it. I’m open to hearing all bathroom remodel costs. :)

      Your bathroom renovation looks great!

  3. I love the idea of a white bathroom with the ceiling painted. It’s so fresh and a great way to add some color without it being in your face!

    • I thought that was such a unique way to add color too, Kristen!

      I’m not sure if we’ll end up painting our ceiling blue or not, I just know we want blue in the bathroom. (Though we’ll probably use a slightly more muted blue.) I guess it depends on how high we go with the subway tile.

  4. Good luck with everything. Our neighbors started a bathroom redo and found mold etc and now it is going to be a much bigger project and budget than expected. I am sure they feel your pain.

    • Thanks Jordan! Yes, it sounds like your neighbors can sympathize. Sorry they are going through the same thing, and hope everything works out with their bathroom!

  5. Ahh I am such a huge fan of the vintage faucets! Those are going to look wonderful!

  6. Um, our bathrooms were between $2000 and $2500, but we didn’t move much plumbing and Ben did all of the work. So, that saved us a ton of money. Our tub was about $300, the toilet another $150, we bought our sink and faucet from Ebay for around $100, including shipping. our flooring and shower surround tile was another $500 and then we needed tub faucet, supplies to build a vanity, and other miscellaneous supplies. I can’t wait to see your bathroom redo!

    • Thanks Amanda!

      I need to re-read your bathroom posts. Your costs sounds very reasonable, and we’re planning to do all of (or almost all of) the work ourselves, too. Thankfully we recently met the owner of a local plumbing company through a friend, so he may be able to lend us some advice when it comes time for everything. Robert likes to overestimate and I always underestimate, so hopefully we will be well below $5k.

  7. Cait- you always amaze me! You have amazing ideas and always know where to shop and how to save! LOVE the bathroom ideas and your recent purchases! Can’t wait to see more!!!

  8. I’m seriously so glad it worked out!! I’m loving the room board! We need to start shopping…I have so much we need to buy for our shower! What was the ebay store for the shower arm?

    • Sorry Jami, I somehow missed your comment! This was the eBay store for our shower arm. I don’t see any in their store right now, but you shoud be able to find something if you just search “shower arm”. Good luck!

  9. I just stumbled across your blog and am in LOVE with your bathroom mood board. We have a crazy bad bathroom in our house and we’ve been talking about a re-do using the exact same time you’re looking at … penny tile on the floor and subway on the wall. I’m excited to see how your room shapes up! :) And, great score on the tub!

    • Thanks Jenn! I get excited every time I see the tub! (Even when it’s sitting in the guest room full of excess paper towels, etc.) Hopefully we should be able to get back to tackling the bathroom as the weather cools down. I can’t wait to get back to it!


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