Take Two

by Cait

Remember my Summer List? With summer half over I decided to check in on how we were doing. I’m sorry to say it’s not looking very good. We’re about 2 for 18 (Frozen yogurt, and Friends&Family).  Things are looking pretty bleak for the CJ-7 and a lot of unexpected circumstances (like getting sick, working Sundays, and The Two Big Things I Don’t Want to Talk About Yet Annoyingly Allude To) have made the rest of the list pretty much impossible.

In order to feel less like a failure (and because lists make me feel better), I’ve decided to make a second Summer List. I figure it’s not cheating as long as I don’t put everyday things we do anyway on it. That way I still have some little things to work towards.

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  • Date nights.
  • Go bowling.
  • Trip to Ikea.
  • Take pictures.
  • Eat watermelon.
  • Make a new recipe.
  • Walk on the beach.
  • Rent concrete saw.
  • Go to St Augustine.
  • Work on closet desk.
  • Work on front porch.
  • Enjoy the little things.
  • New light for Art Room.
  • Splurge on string lights.
  • Tub spout for guest bath.
  • Pick exterior paint color(s).
  • Console table for entryway.

Of course there are other summery things that weren’t on my original list that we did so far this summer. We went to an outdoor concert by one of our favorite musicians. We had a great Father’s Day hanging out with my dad, and swimming at Robert’s parents’ house. Robert went out on his dad’s boat 4th of July weekend and they had a great time. Our friend Jason introduced us to an awesome speakeasy, which I’m sure it will be even better when it opens in its new location.

Sometimes I just feel like the year is flying by and I haven’t enjoyed it to the full extent.

14 Comments to “Take Two”

  1. Haha! I know that one! Seems like your summer list is very do-able! I’m glad you guys got to see one of your favs in concert!

  2. I LOVE the revised list! Sometimes, there’s just too much to do and not enough time (or money)! This summer has just flown by and we can’t believe it’s half over. :( Summer concerts = one of my all-time favorite things!!!

  3. It’s so tough to make a list for anything, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that life ALWAYS seems to get in the way of accomplishing everything on the list! But your revised list looks like a good one. Especially the “walk on the beach” part!

    Random fact: I have a thing for speakeasies.

    • Thanks Jane. Yes, life likes to laugh when I make plans.

      How jealous would you be if I mentioned that this speakeasy had an amazing outdoor area with globe lights and live local music? Basically it was exactly what I want my backyard to look like (but I’ll settle for iPod music to appease my neighbors). I hope their new location has an outdoor area.

  4. I like this list way better because it looks like waaay more fun (and less money, too. which is aaalways a good thing, I think.). This one seems like you guys will enjoy what you’re doing rather than what you’re accomplishing. And that always makes for better memories, right?

    • Thanks Britt! It does look like more fun, less money (which is always good), and better memories. :)

      Although it’s funny, more projects snuck onto this list, but they’re smaller projects. How weird is it that we tackle more small projects instead of just saving up to take on one big project?

      Also, I’m working 50-58hr weeks right now and Robert might be working 50hr weeks soon, so I tried to pair the list down to smaller things that aren’t as time consuming.

  5. I agree it seems like your list is a very doable one! Always enjoying reading your posts!!

  6. You had watermelon at our house so you could potentially check that one, however one can never consume too much watermelon in July so I would say take some to the beach and get two ticks……

    • Thanks Mom! I completely agree, I think it’s best of overachieve in the watermelon department, and taking some to the beach sounds like a great idea! :)

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