by Cait

This post made possible by the kind folks at my local Publix Pharmacy, and Augmentin*.

I sort of went AWOL this holiday weekend, and I wish I could say that it was because we went on an amazing weekend getaway. In actuality, I started feeling sick Tuesday after my guest post went up, Wednesday & Thursday I thought it was a bad cold, Thurday night while Robert worked on the front door hardware I texted my sister (who just wrapped up her first year of a physian assitant program) about my symptoms. Then I woke up in the middle of the night to pain in my right ear. I missed work on Friday to see a doctor, and it turns out I had strep and an ear infection. Or at least I’m guessing it was strep. The doctor looked at my ear first and proclaimed it as red as the wall behind me, then looked at my throat, laughed, and gave me a prescription for a really strong antibiotic. (Which are gigantic, by the way. Hello gag reflex.)

Saturday morning we had some family things to attend to, and afterward we went to Hurricanes Bar&Grill with my parents and a group of their friends where I saw some teak & aluminum outdoor bar stools that I would love for our back porch. They’re pretty similar to the chairs I wanted for the patio, so I shamelessly checked the label. A quick Google search and I found the stools on their website. As far as I’m concerned? Freaking jackpot (assuming they sell to consumers as well as resturants).

you might have seen this on our Facebook page

Sunday we helped our friends, Lisa&Jordan, work on their house, which is about three blocks from ours. (By “we helped”, what I mean is “mostly I just peeled wallpaper, while Robert sanded any excess wallpaper paste and gunk off the walls so that they’re ready for priming and painting”.) Monday I layed on our the couch watching too many old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, and Robert split his time between a father-son trip on his dad’s boat and worked some more on our L&J’s house. One bedroom will require texturizing between coats of primer, there is even more wallpaper/wallpaper paste steaming to be done, and then the prime&paint fun begins.

So that was our holiday weekend. No fireworks, no cookouts, and the only burgers we had came from Five Guys.

How did everyone else spend their 4th of July weekend?

*That’s sarcasm, they didn’t actually sponsor this post, but I would be flat on my back if it weren’t for them.

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19 Responses to “Emerging”

  1. Oh, Cait – I’m sorry to hear you were sick for the long weekend. That stinks. Strep is going around here. I always think of it as more of a winter thing, but I guess it strikes at any time. My daughter just got done spending a week with her best friend, only to have her friend’s mom call with the news that she had strep, diagnosed a day after my daughter came home. I’ve been watching her like a hawk, but so far, so good. I hope you’re feeling better and that your antibiotics are kicking in!

    • Thanks Jenny! I’m feeling much better! I always think of strep as more of a winter thing, too! Maybe it’s easier to forget about people being sick during the summer time because everyone just tries to power through illness in the sunshine? At least that’s how it seems around here.

      Hope your daughter stays healthy! Fingers crossed for her!

  2. Sorry you got so sick! Not fun :(

  3. LOL you totally didn’t just “peel wallpaper”. You removed the stubbornest, most obnoxious, and most glued wallpaper in the history of time. Seriously. Like Robert said, we’re adding square footage to these rooms just by removing the glue. Thanks again for your help!

  4. I know your pain! That so sucks that you were stuck sick on the best holiday ever, clearly up to interpretation! I was in a similar boat but it’s a cold/allergy nastiness and I basically called all of our friends to cancel the 4th and just let family come over. Though after my MIL left I wanted to kill her, Todd (for being her son) or simply commit suicide. I can’t believe you helped work on the house, you seriously rock!

    • Oh dear! I’m sorry you weren’t feeling very well either, Jami! I think on Sunday I really just needed to get out of the house! I sort of paid for it Monday, but it was good to be doing something house-related!

  5. :( Feel better! Being sick is no fun! I had a little “sick” bout over the weekend too, but ended up kicking it pretty quick. Sometimes we just get too busy and don’t take care of ourselves! Sounds like you’re filling a bit better though… just super busy! Make sure to squeeze in some rest!!!

    • Thanks Ashley! Glad you kicked your illness quickly! Definitely making sure to squeeze in more rest :) (wait… looking at exterior lighting on Lowe’s website counts as rest… right?)

  6. Hope you are feeling better it is not fun at all to be sick especially in the summer.

  7. Who gets sick like THAT in the middle of the summer!! Bad timing + I’m sorry!

  8. What a great friend you are! Mine would have made themselves VERY hard to find if they knew I was going to tackle a project like that! Hahaha. (And I bet you all got a killer arm workout, to boot!)


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