Summer Mantel

by Cait

For the past five months our mantel has been looking pretty much the way it did when I changed it up right after Christmas, aside from moving the Katie Bower print to the wall in the dining room.

Tonight, in a fit of needing to do something, I decided to change the mantel up, using things we had around the house. This is what I came up with. Cute, fun, and summery, but maybe a little too busy.

Then Robert decided to do a version. Still fun and summery, but also manly, colorful and maybe a little sparse.

Finally, here’s our combined version. Fun, summery and quirky.

In case you can’t read the titles, here’s a close up of them, to show why I called this quirky (aside from the giant blue head, of course).

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28 Comments to “Summer Mantel”

  1. These mantels look great! I can’t choose a favorite.. although I’m diggin’ that elephant. Where’d you get it from?

  2. Faulkner?!?!?!?!


    BTW we miss y’all! Saturday night?

    • Hahaha. The title was just too funny! It had to be included. Come on, it’s under a book called The Fatal Shore! Please tell me Robert and I aren’t the only ones who finds that funny?

      I think Saturday works for us, I’ll text/Facebook you about it later :)

  3. I love love LOVE the head with the hat on it. I think your combination is money! The whole his/her/combination is very “Secrets From A Stylist.” Hehe

  4. Wait! Where did my favorite VW go??? Bring it baaaaack :o)

    • Haha! I love it too, Micha! Robert actually had a blue ’71 bus when we got back together in college, and that red one was a wedding present :) It’s in the hallway on the bookshelf for now, but I think I want to do a second summery display on the console table behind the sofa :)

  5. Cute how fun and easy to change up the mantel. Plus it looks like you two had fun with it!

  6. Hahaha, love the “Robert’s Rules of Order Revised” book! That’s too funny. And it’s great that you both combined your styles to make a his/her mash-up. I don’t think I could trust the boyfriend to come up with something even half as good as what Robert came up with. He would just shift around 1 or 2 of my pieces, say “perfect.” and then walk away.

    I’ve just learned to accept the fact that everything I do is 2 shifts from perfect, rather than the fact that he is one big fat lazy. hahaha.

    It looks great. Definitely an upgrade!

    • Thanks Britt! And I’m so glad someone commented on the Robert’s Rules of Order! haha

      It took time for Robert to want to try making his own version of things. He used to just make suggestions about what I came up with, and then over the years he started making more and more suggestions (maybe my feedback/reaction to his suggestions has been encouraging? I don’t know.) Also, I think it helps that we sort of have a lot of “knick-knacky” things around that he loves (most of them are either from his childhood or gifts from friends and family).

      I think I would definitely go with the “two shifts from perfect” idea, haha :)

  7. LOVE all of the options! Totally diggin’ the elephant, but I think my favorite is “Robert’s Rules of Order Revised!!!” HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

  8. They’re all very cute but I think the his&hers one is my favorite. The head with the hat is adorable! The whole thing looks very summery. You’re lucky you have a man that will participate in things like that. Mine literally has very little interest in decor. The only thing he’s ever picked out was a soap dispenser.

    • Thanks Lacie!

      Does your boyfriend appreciate things when they’re done, or just have little interest in that sort of thing? Maybe I can get Robert to do a post with his viewpoint on why he has taken an interest in decor.

  9. This looks like fun! You came up with some cute ideas!

    I’m with Micha and I think you should bring the VW back! :)

  10. Looks great! I love the horses, the white elephant, and the bus. My dad actually has a blue VW bus or whatever they’re called.

  11. Brad does appreciate thing when they’re all said and done. He’ll help out as long as he doesn’t have to pick anything!

    • That’s good! Glad he appreciates things when they’re done and is willing to help. That’s pretty much where Robert started out, and I continually asked his opinion on things (which usually got an “I don’t care” or “I don’t know, you’re better at this sort of thing”) until he started voicing his opinion. I think he started voicing his opinion on paint colors first.

  12. Ooh… this makes me wish we had a mantel! How fun!

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