Reclaimed Brick Patio: Day 3 and Still No Jackhammer

by Cait

I’m finally back with our progress pictures. But first, a before.

Weird Concrete

This is how it looked after the weekend’s hard work.

on Sunday

Yesterday it started pouring around right before we left work and because we had zero desire to use metal (and power) tools in the thunder & lightning we decided to take the night off. (Well, that and plus it kept pouring all night long). When I got home from work today Robert had it looking like this.

earlier today

We were planning on renting a jackhammer, but Robert decided he wanted to try a few more things first. What he ended up doing was drill a few holes into the thick concrete in a line and then sledgehammer the area where he drilled; apparently it works sort of like perforating paper. Then he was able to use the pry bar to further snap things along the crack that was created. Mostly I think he wanted to get all the way through without a jackhammer because he’s stubborn, but that hadn’t worked we definitely would have rented one this weekend.

While he was finishing that up I started tackling the wavy tile.

note the two types of tile, misaligned

I used two hammers in what I like the call the Jamie Hyneman Method  (except I used a rubber headed hammer instead of  two metal ones. Yes, that’s a “wubber headed hammer”, Mom). The plan it to rent a saw (what Robert refers to as “the regular one”, not a wet saw) to score a straight line about where the tile I have yet to remove ends and  as far down as the Frog Tape (which you can see in the first tile picture), which is right before that pile of rock I’ve been pulling out of the yard. Then we’ll retile with some terra cotta tile we got from my parents.

free terra cotta tile!

We’re hoping to use the square tiles in the back for next to the porch, because we have a plan for those lighter colored rectangular ones. Maybe you can guess what I want to do with them if you keep my love of exposed brick in mind.

Any guesses?

11 Responses to “Reclaimed Brick Patio: Day 3 and Still No Jackhammer”

  1. I can’t get over the sheer shock of just how weird that concrete/tile mess is.

    My guess? You’re going to tile a wall with those skinny bricks!

    • The wavy concrete looks sort of like it might have been a pool deck back before the additions, or maybe just an amoeba shaped patio? And I still think the other bit was a deck foundation.

      Thanks for the guess! Keep ’em coming, guys!

  2. Wow lots of work. But just think you can skip a day from the gym with all this hard work! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  3. Good gracious, that looks EXHAUSTING! Oy vey.

  4. Free terra cotta tile! ummm score! parents are so awesome like that =)

    omg! about wiaw! most of us photograph any day of the week… life is just to crazy to bend over backwards for a blog post ;) photograph friday or tuesday or whenever you want and just post + link wednesday! <3

    • I know, parents are the best!

      It (finally?) dawned on me that I could just photograph whenever and post a link Wednesday. I need to do that next week. This week (today!) I’m actually working on a post about Spinach Lasagna Rolls :)


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