On the List

by Cait

Do you ever regret posting something almost as soon as you do it? Thankfully that doesn’t happen to me often (I tend to rethink and rephrase things a lot before posting. Especially on Facebook, but that is another story.) Right after I posted this post mentioning that I was in a bad mood I felt a strong urge to take it back. I like to be honest with my blog friends though, so it stays.

Thankfully, right after that I started looking at a few of the blogs on my blogroll and saw Bethany’s Summer 2011 b*list on b*spoke, which cheered me right up. Maybe it was that sunset (sunrise?) picture with the kayak. Something about making a wish lists makes my day so much better (which was the reason for this one way back in September). I’m not sure if it’s the reminder that I have a lot to be thankful for, the realization that a lot inexpensive & achievable things make me happy, or what. Something about looking at pretty, summery pictures and making a list helps, whether it’s a list of things to do, things to make, or things to buy (maybe this is the idea behind Pinterest? or why so many of us find it addictive?)

from here, pinned on pinterest

With that in mind, here is my list for this summer.

  • Friends & family.
  • Read.
  • Cook.
  • Bike ride.
  • Day trips.
  • The patio.
  • Landscape.
  • Throw a party.
  • Frozen yogurt. So far so good on this one, haha.
  • Paint the house? (ps- we’re thinking about tan now instead of yellow.)
  • Make lemondade.
  • Finish guest bathroom.
  • List more things on Etsy.
  • Tybee Island Lighthouse.
  • Outdoor shower plumbing.
  • Figure out a way to keep the CJ-7
  • Go to the beach (in the CJ-7) a lot. What is it about wind and waves that is so relaxing and stress relieving?
  • Sunrise on one beach, sunset on another. This idea was pitched by Robert’s dad at my birthday party in Feb, and it sounds like an excellent day.

What is on your list for this summer?

17 Responses to “On the List”

  1. Fix the AC. I woke up today and it was BROKEN. So hot in AZ. :(
    Install tub.
    Take more pictures.
    Read for enjoyment, not class.

    • I like your list! Except for the part about the AC! Boo, hiss! Stupid AC! :(

      (And I can relate to “install tub”. I should add “finish bathroom” because, uh, have you seen that my tub is in the backyard? Upside down? Not cool.)

  2. Amen to the beach trips in the CJ-7!!! I would KILL to have one and be close enough to go to the beach any evening! Sometimes we all have a little funk and it’s nice to know that there are little things that can totally just turn it all around! LOVE YOU AND LOVE YOUR HONESTY!

    • I am constantly reminding myself how lucky we are to have a beach nearby. Sometimes there is nothing quite as relaxing as going to the beach to just do nothing. Trying to enjoy the CJ as long as we have it. Do y’all have any drive-on beaches near by? We are lucky enough to have one north of us and one slightly south of us. Taking the CJ to the beach is great, but taking the CJ on the beach? Even better!

      It’s usually the little things in life, isn’t it? Sunshine, coffee, a good song on the radio, nice words from friends, etc. Sometimes it works the other way around, but thankfully over the years I’ve learned a trick or two to turn my mood back around. Aside from laughter, the little things are definitely the best medicine.

      Thanks! :) I love it when people appreciate my honesty! It gets me in trouble a lot in day-to-day life! I’m kind of a blunt person (and am severely lacking in a “poker face”) which doesn’t always go over well.

      • no super close beaches, but we do have a few within about 1.5 hours. :( And… we definitely don’t have a CJ, but we do have a lifted jeep! :) Taking it ON the beach makes everything better!

        The little things totally mean EVERYTHING! They can take a day from awful to fantastic in no time at all!!!

        I’ve always been told I was a “blunt” person who was sometimes overly honest. BUT, through the years, I have developed an amazing group of friends who appreciate and embrace my honesty and tell me that it’s why they love me. :) I’ve just had to learn to filter a bit more at work, while still remaining my bluntly honest-self outside of work. YAY!

        PS- I think you need to add a Cali-trip to your list (or a Florida one to ours…)

        • That’s sad about the beaches! Jeeps + beach = awesome!

          Totally agree about the little things!

          People tell me the same thing, and I couldn’t agree more about having an amazing group of friends who appreciate it! I have to filter at work most of the time and then I tend to let it fly outside of work.

          PS- I agree! Hopefully we’ll be in a better place to plan for that when we get through the patio and guest bath!

  3. Hmm, I love summer lists. One of my favorite blog reads does this with her kids (http://megduerksen.typepad.com/whatever/page/2/).

    I need to think about my list. I know it involves another vacation, lemonade shake-ups, ice cream trips, nights on the deck with friends……oh, how I love summer!

    Glad to hear things are looking up!

    • Thanks Michelle! That summer list you linked is so cute! It sounds like they’re going to have a really fun summer. :)

      Your list sounds really nice so far, looking forward to hearing more about it! :)

  4. Good list. Our backyard is our big project this summer. http://the2seasons.com/2011/05/09/backyard-face-lift-part-1/ We just finished our patio and next up the sod. We also plan to paint our house cause it is so boring http://the2seasons.com/2011/02/23/the-white-house/

    But I also plan to have lots of fun, bike, kayak, camp, eat lots of ice cream! Enjoy checking things off your summer list!

  5. I haven’t even started planning summer to do list! Trips to the beach seems like a must though!

  6. I always have to think about what I’m going to post live on the internet for all to see. My facebook is private to my group of friends, so it doesn’t matter. I have a hard time making my blog more personal then just a random blog with no character. I don’t want to take the dive because I don’t want to reveal too much about me, but I also want it to be independent. So I’m having a hard time trying to adjust. So yes, I always have to think twice when I make a blog post and try to remove my debbie downer attitude! :)

    • Glad to know you can relate, Autumn! It’a definitely the Debbie-Downer moments I regret. My personal Facebook is only open to friends, but even still there are things I don’t want to share or think I should rephrase. Usually the rephrasing happens mentally before posting, at least.

      As for a blog, I think there’s a fine line between sharing too much and coming across as cold. So that’s a balance that is sometimes difficult. I try to be as open as possible but with some vagueness as far as details, if that makes sense. And then there are certain aspects of our personal lives definitely don’t end up on the blog.

  7. I love this idea…I hope you don’t mind that I borrowed it. I love your blog because it’s very real & real people get into moods sometimes and say things they regret. I think it is wonderful that you’re keeping it real for your readers.

    • Thanks Lacie! Borrow away, I borrowed the idea from Bethany as B*spoke :)

      I’m so happy to hear that! Some of my favorite blogs are very real about their emotions and things like that, so I’m glad to hear that our blog comes across in a similar way. Thanks for reading!


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