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June 8, 2011

On the List

by Cait

Do you ever regret posting something almost as soon as you do it? Thankfully that doesn’t happen to me often (I tend to rethink and rephrase things a lot before posting. Especially on Facebook, but that is another story.) Right after I posted this post mentioning that I was in a bad mood I felt a strong urge to take it back. I like to be honest with my blog friends though, so it stays.

Thankfully, right after that I started looking at a few of the blogs on my blogroll and saw Bethany’s Summer 2011 b*list on b*spoke, which cheered me right up. Maybe it was that sunset (sunrise?) picture with the kayak. Something about making a wish lists makes my day so much better (which was the reason for this one way back in September). I’m not sure if it’s the reminder that I have a lot to be thankful for, the realization that a lot inexpensive & achievable things make me happy, or what. Something about looking at pretty, summery pictures and making a list helps, whether it’s a list of things to do, things to make, or things to buy (maybe this is the idea behind Pinterest? or why so many of us find it addictive?)

from here, pinned on pinterest

With that in mind, here is my list for this summer.

  • Friends & family.
  • Read.
  • Cook.
  • Bike ride.
  • Day trips.
  • The patio.
  • Landscape.
  • Throw a party.
  • Frozen yogurt. So far so good on this one, haha.
  • Paint the house? (ps- we’re thinking about tan now instead of yellow.)
  • Make lemondade.
  • Finish guest bathroom.
  • List more things on Etsy.
  • Tybee Island Lighthouse.
  • Outdoor shower plumbing.
  • Figure out a way to keep the CJ-7
  • Go to the beach (in the CJ-7) a lot. What is it about wind and waves that is so relaxing and stress relieving?
  • Sunrise on one beach, sunset on another. This idea was pitched by Robert’s dad at my birthday party in Feb, and it sounds like an excellent day.

What is on your list for this summer?

June 8, 2011

Who Are You Calling Useless?

by Cait

This post is made possible thanks to my bad mood. Feel free to skip.

I often use things for the “wrong” purpose. I open packages & mail with my keys when I’m too lazy or impatient to grab a letter opener or knife, I fixed my fraying iPhone cable with Teflon tape, and plenty of other things that seem so normal at this point that I don’t even consider it the “wrong” purpose anymore. Just another version of “work with what you’ve got”, right? Besides, necessity is the mother of invention.

I was reminded of mymost recent example of this when reading Apartment Therapy. An article on The Kitchn (which I usually don’t bother reading) titled The 10 Most Useless Kitchen Gadgets caught my eye. Robert and I aren’t much for “single use” gadgets at our house (but we definitely don’t judge anyone for having/using what works for them; that is another rant in itself).  As is usually the case with Top 10 lists, I disagreed with their most “useless” gadgets. Granted I don’t own any of the things listed, but 2/10 I would use or have at least thought about purchasing (garlic peeler and spoon rest) and their reasons for not having them seemed kind of pretentious.

Maybe it’s the mood I’m in, but telling someone “follow this link to learn how to peel garlic” or “use a bowl instead of a spoon rest, it catches drips better” rubs me the wrong way. Just because something works for you doesn’t mean it is the way for everyone. Robert and I put spoons directly on the glass top of our stove, lean them on the pot’s handle, or lay them on the counter. Betcha that wouldn’t work for everyone. We Mrs Meyer’s our counters/stove daily after washing the dishes, they’re dark, and not something likely to stain or soak up oils like granite. (In complete truth, I have been thinking about getting this spoon rest. As with most things, I don’t feel like dealing with the stupid questions or jokes from acquaintances that see it, so I haven’t bought it.)

from Williams-Sonoma

As far as the garlic goes, I had thought about purchasing a garlic peeler (we use a lot of garlic) because I was tired of the use-the-side-of-the-knife-to-press-it trick not getting every last piece of skin off. Out of frustration one night I tried using a rubber jar opener. (You know those flat rubber ones that realtors/whoever put their logos on sometimes?) Worked like a charm. I thought I might be crazy until I saw someone else mention they did they same thing on the post on The Kitchn.

So tell me, what is your favorite “useless” gadget? And what methods do you use for things that might not work for everyone? Do you open mail with your keys, too?

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