by Cait

Continuing with the posts in which I am all over the place…

So, this weekend, rather than working on the bathroom, or items for the Etsy store like we should have been (though that might come later today), I decided to work on the floor plan for the blog and watch Parenthood reruns. It’s not completely to scale (because I kind of don’t care, one day I may actually measure the rooms & provide room sizes), but it looks much better than how it was there before.

I may or may not have spent way too long sketching it, scanning it into Photoshop and coloring it. And then after all that, staring at the blank white spaces made me want to paint. A lot. Which won’t be happening anytime soon of course, but I then took the liberty to add the colors that I’ve been thinking about anyhow. Maybe one day some variety of the below graphic will be on the floor plan page instead.

And in addition to wanting to repaint our entire house, I may or may not have decided that I want our backyard to look like Zeek & Camille’s in Parenthood (which any of you who follow us on Facebook may have seen).

I love all the ferns, and the stone walls, and everythingWe tried the $11 approach of stringing up the mini lights that we used on the house for Christmas last year with some hardware, but they have a white string/wire and I’m neurotic. So we decided we’re going to save up for commercial patio lights that 1) have a black string/wire, 2) we can leave up year-round, and 3) come in really long lengths. And then we cancelled Robert’s party and went for frozen yogurt.

Oh and also, I moved the tables around while Robert was at work today. I think that the rectangular table fits better in the space, but that is another post in itself.

See? Told you I was scattered.


10 Comments to “Scattergories”

  1. Hey. Love your blog. I’ve been searching for patio lights and haven’t found anything to my liking. Which commercial lights do you have in mind?

    • Hey Katy, thanks for the nice comment! After checking eBay and Amazon an a few other places, I just Googled “commercial globe lights” and came up with a couple of sites selling this style light. We aren’t looking to buy lights any time soon, so we didn’t really price check between the various sites, though. Hope it helps!

  2. I love Zeek and Camille’s backyard! Especially the long picnic table they have family dinners at. I splurged and bought these outdoor lights:
    They are 50′ long, bulbs are replaceable and they hold up in the rain! At the end of summer they go on sale for $80/light string. I’m very happy with them! Good luck light string hunting!

    • Thanks Rocky! I love those! I think they’re pretty much the same lights I’ve been looking at in the link I sent Katy. So good to know that you’ve been happy with them!

  3. I LOVE their backyard as well!

    I’m impressed with your floor plan drawings…I have trouble drawing things even remotely to scale. I lucked out and had them from the lumber company! I could look at floor plans for hours!!

    • Thanks Michelle! I love floorplans, too!

      I sort of based my sketch off of a basic outline of the house from our city’s website and some papers we had from closing, but those didn’t have any of the rooms shown, so i’m a bit impressed that it came out looking house-like. Haha.

  4. you’re hilarious! Sometimes, it’s fun to scatter into different places and see what happens! I am still dreaming of doing a floor plan on too, but a hand-drawn one may have to work! Though, your drawing is soooo much nicer than mine would be if I drew it by hand!

    • Thanks Ashley! I decided that was a jerkface, haha :) Maybe I could help you with your hand-drawn one somehow? Probably tricky to make that work, being on opposite sides of the country and all, but if you think I can help in any way, let me know!

  5. Those lights are beautiful Rocky! Hard to wait until end of the season. :-)

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