Robert’s Birthday

by Cait

Let me preface this post by saying that we mean this in the way that sounds the least like begging. Seriously.

Robert turns 25 on Wednesday. We’re asking anyone who knows us in real life and wants to give him something for his birthday to please consider the following gift suggestions.

smile from here

1. Gift cards to help with the bathroom.
2. Show up at the small party we’re having Saturday, bringing nothing but your pretty, smiling face (and maybe a homemade card).

Hopefully that didn’t come across as begging. Regularly scheduled bathroom fixture drooling will resume shortly.


4 Comments to “Robert’s Birthday”

  1. LOVE this! Both options would be totally acceptable for our birthdays too! I’ve been starting to plan Eric’s 30th for this July… so fun! Hope you post party details!

    • Glad to know we have a similar frame of mind about birthdays. I’ll definitely post details :) It’s going to be pretty low-key, and done on a budget of almost nothing (most of the budget is going to be spent on food&drink).

  2. You guys are yougins :) I’m approaching 28… yikes! But Happy Quarter of a Century Robert!

    • Haha thanks Rebecca! That’s the funny thing about the blogs, it’s hard to tell anyone’s age (which I think just goes to show that age doesn’t matter that much).

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