Guest Bath Redux: More Inspiration & Features

by Cait

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been pinning a lot of things on Pinterest. When I found this bathroom I pretty much fell in love with it. And then I sent it to Robert who said “That is one of the most amazing baths I think I’ve ever seen”.  Score.

from Better Homes & Gardens

Keen observers will notice that this somewhat similar to what I said we wanted. White tile, lots of light, blue-ish walls, etc. I also really, really love those shelves.

Our tub is like the one above, and we both agree that the solid surface top looks better than how it was previously tiled. Now the next question is: what do we use as a counter surface? We’re considering Paperstone, recycled glass counters and concrete. Anyone have experience with any of those? I know that Kara Paslay and her husband DIY concrete counters and tables a lot, but I don’t know how keen I am to try that.

from re-nest

Another good thing about using a counter is that it would provide a small lip at the edge, which is good because we wanted to try to DIY a tub tip-out. That’s right, I said tub tip-out. The image above is The Stowaway made by GW International, but I think we could probably rig something up using bead board and wire baskets. (Hopefully without those large, obvious handles, too.)

Speaking of hidden storage, I love this idea from Donna DuFresne Design. We’re using bead board on part of the walls, so maybe we could make this work with some of those cabinet hinges that open when you push on the door? (I know there has a technical term for that… it’s escaping me.)

 from Donna DuFresne Design 

 What about y’all? Do you prefer hidden storage or open shelving? Freestanding tubs, apron tubs, or garden tubs?

17 Responses to “Guest Bath Redux: More Inspiration & Features”

  1. hidden storage and freestanding tubs.

    • Is it weird that I like hidden storage and open storage? I want to hide all of the ugly things like shampoo bottles, but have open shelving for things like jars of bath salts, etc.

      And I love freestanding tubs, too. Sadly we don’t have the space for a seperate shower or the money for a new tub. :(

  2. Wow, I adore that hidden storage inside the tub from renest. I’m generally for hidden storage all around but generally keep the towels out and stacked (neutral and complimentary colors; the oddball colors stay hidden). And I’ve heard really cool things about paperstone… have no experience with any that you listed but love the style you’re considering!

    • Thanks Emily!

      My thoughts on hidden storage are basically that anything that coordinates and looks nice can stay out, everything else… not so much.

      We’re sort of leaning towards a DIY concrete surface at the moment, but we’ll see where things go.

  3. Hidden storage and free standing clawfoot tubs :o) I love the beadboard wall storage – what a clever idea! – but I’m not really sold on the bath tub tip-out compartments. It’s just … weird.

    • Haha. I can see that side of it. I think I’m just trying to find a way to keep things like shampoo in a less visible place (but maybe the solution is less brightly colored shampoo bottles?)

  4. DIY concrete sounds like a fun project. Something I’ve been itching to try. Looking forward to hearing about how you plan for it and execute! OH, P.S. a restaurant we like has a concrete bar top and at one point it had been sealed with something that ended up being a problem – when they steam cleaned the carpets, the finish on the concrete surface became really tacky/sticky and never went back to normal, so the bar feels sticky all of the time (I wish I had more specific info on what they used). Maybe do a test run with whatever finish you end up choosing just in case it ends up being instantly sticky in a steamy bathroom!

    • Thanks Emily, that’s good to know! I’ll probably ask Kara what she and Tim seal theirs with, or something. I hope it’s a fun project!

  5. I’m all about hidden storage. I’m way too much of a slob to keep open storage looking good :) Those bathrooms are amazing!

  6. That first picture is incredible! LOVE! I like the idea of hiding the ugly stuff and displaying pretty things on shelves.

  7. oh my gosh! That first bathtub is AMAZING!!! I completely agree with Robert!!! The second one is pretty cool too, but the first one screams casual luxury! Totally my style! :)

    (PS- that bead-board hidden shelving is pretty amazing!)

    • I agree! Mostly I just like the second one for the idea of the hidden storage. We’re hoping to recoat our tub and make a tub deck similar to the first picture. :)


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