Loose Ends

by Cait

Apologies for the scattered post with few pictures.

Sometimes it seems like there is too much month and not enough money. I really need to get my behind in gear figure out what exactly to sell on Etsy (no, I still haven’t decided/listed anything since this post). I’m considering having prints for sale, and maybe photographs. Would anyone be interested in buying a print like the ones in this post? I like the idea of the digital file route that Katie Bower took for her print shop, but I know that there are a lot of opinions about providing the file for prints and photos like that. Perhaps if Ryan agrees to help make some of my ideas happen we could sell some hairpin legs or something. Any suggestions or requests are welcome (as long as they aren’t requests to shut up, because then I might have to escort you off the blog-premises).

I also need to churn out some posts on the things we’ve finished up around here. Tying up the loose ends, if you will. I have a long-ignored list of posts I have been meaning to write, so please bug me if I continue to slight y’all on the how-tos/etc. Please accept the below teaser photo of the living room curtains (the full room shots came out like crap, need to retake those when it’s not cloudy/getting dark/raining) and a very-belated kitchen curtain photo until then.

In other, semi-related news: Robert and I will probably be taking a break from gathering the supplies for the guest bath this weekend. If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen mention of Project ADD and a photo of the laundry sink we picked up yesterday at a local salvage yard ($75 for a “mop sink” that is about $500-700 new seemed too good to pass up). Otherwise, budgeting is still tight (and has been), so this week what might have been spent on tile, Dens Shield or greenboard needs to go to Dots’ annual appointment, because with a backstory like hers we really can’t afford to mess around with the little missy’s health. Later this month it will be Freckles’ turn, and then we can get back to business as usual with the stalking bathroom deals. Home Depot still has the best price I’ve found on subway&hex tile, so when possible we will probably be going with them.

Happy weekend, y’all! I hope to be back next week with long-overdue posts, and maybe some bathroom demo photos (because even if we can’t buy tile, we can demo, right?) And hopefully this post doesn’t come acorss as begging.


4 Comments to “Loose Ends”

  1. oh my gosh… DYING to see the curtains! That IS such a tease! Looking forward to next week. :) oh ya, and I must have missed the post about the laundry room sink. So exciting!

  2. I resemble your “too much month, too little money” remark :o) I’ve noticed I keep counting days until the next paycheck these days so I can use my “fun money” on fun little projects.

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