Guest Bath Redux: Features

by Cait

Y’all know I love me some build-in shelves, so in discussing how we want to plan out the bathroom I immediately thought about Kara Paslay’s bathroom (umm, also, her bathroom floor? and those chevron towels? yes please.) Then I thought about the build-in shown in one of YHL’s House Crashing tours.

Left from Kara Paslay Designs, right from YHL

I think a build-in would look really nice next to the sink, especially something sleek like the ones above. Robert (and Ryan) and I have already discussed the possibility of changing the current layout of the bathroom when we renovate it, spurred on by the fact that the sink and toilet were already pretty close together aaaaand then we bought a larger sink. Apparently when you rip everything down to studs it’s easy to change things like that. Who knew? </sarcasm>

I was thinking of making the build-in behind the current door and keeping the sink and toilet side by side, but with the larger sink I think it would really work best to move the toilet to the other side of the door.  If we do that though, I want either a pocket door or a barn door, because I don’t want the door to open right into the toilet (or the sink, if swap the hinges around).

Left & middle from Houzz ideabook, right from Rambling Renovators

I love the two door style of the lefthand picture a lot, and it might work best with the wall widths that we have to deal with. The rustic nature of the middle one is amazing, but something that rustic would probably be too much with the clean lines of the bathroom we’re planning. You might wonder why I threw that righthand picture in there when obviously I just said that some sort of sliding door would be best, given the small size of the bathroom. It’s because I’m tricksy like that I found a lot of “normal” doors made into barn doors while searching on Houzz and I think that we could do something like that with a door like the above right.

from Whisper Wood Cottage on Houzz

And then, sometimes I think about all the things I’d love to incorpurate into the guest bath and I envision Tim Gunn popping out of the woodwork going “that’s a lot of look”.


10 Comments to “Guest Bath Redux: Features”

  1. Love the barn doors! We’re actually planning on one for our master bath – we’re currently gutting/remodeling and don’t like the door crashing into things. Can’t wait to see how yours looks!

    • Thanks Em! I’m not sure how the barn door will go. We would probably have Ryan make the track/hardware for it because it’s cheaper than buying something premade, but it may be one of the very last projects. We’ll see how everything goes, I guess!

  2. I never thought about using the barn doors for a bathroom. That is a great idea and you will have more room. This is going to be fun to see how it all unfolds!

    • Thanks Jordan!

      I think the first time I saw a barndoor used for a bathroom was in an Apartment Therapy post about the one Dana from House*Tweaking made for her bathroom. Who knows, maybe we’ll carry the idea elsewhere in the house, too! (Like the other bathroom.)

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the door selection!!! Especially the double-slider, but the glass might be an issue for privacy???

    • Thanks Ashley! I agree that privacy could be an issue. That looks like seeded glass, but we would probably do frosted glass for even more privacy.

  4. I like the barn door idea but I LOVE the white door slider. It feels more “spa-ish” in my opinion

    • Thanks Shawna! I think we may go with a white door (maybe with a frosted window like the picture) and barn door hardware. Kind of the best of both worlds.

  5. Hi there, I just found you through Young House Love. I love your progress and your budget conscious ways. I am currently remodeling my entire house and just did a post on budget bathrooms and also have some of the same inspirational photos. Yours in lookin good!

    Whitney (the cuban in my coffee)

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