Guest Bath Redux: Budget Tracking

by Cait

After planning out what we want to do in the guest bath, I went to ReStore on Saturday to see what they had in the way of tile (sadly no subway tile), and ended up finding a couple of things for the bathroom. I snapped up 8 of these metal cross handles for 75 cents each, and the shelf was $9.

My dad texted me about the time I was picking these up, so after a bit of looking at $20 sinks, we grabbed lunch, made a brief stop at another store where they treated me to exact bathroom shelf that they bought me for my birthday last year (and later returned because the size didn’t work with the bathroom layout at the time) for $9. I forgot to take a picture of it, but it’s the style most often referred to as “train shelf”.

$20 sinks (sorry for the iPhone pictures, I snapped them for reference)

At the outlet store, I found a white, chair height, elongated bowl, dual flush toilet, a shower head, and a larger $20 sink with more space to put soap/contact cases than the ReStore ones.

I have picked up a couple of other odds and ends online, as well. I bought a faucet spout (which we’re hoping to use with two of the cross handles from ReStore, otherwise I’ll buy a couple of matching Delta faucet handles), a shower arm, and a shower diverter escutcheon (which was a major splurge at $65 from Period Bath, but it makes me laugh).

For those of you playing along at home, that brings out total for fixtures to $326. We do still need …. well, everything else, but we’re feeling pretty good about how we’re doing on budget so far.

Next up? Tracking down a tub spout (Ryan has sensibly forbidden me from using Glacier Bay for the tub/shower because they tend to fail and require ripping out the wall. Which.. yeah, no thank you.), DensGuard, green board, tile, grout, bead board (for the walls other than the shower surround), etc etc etc. Just thinking about it makes my head hurt.

16 Responses to “Guest Bath Redux: Budget Tracking”

  1. GOOD finds. I love those sinks you found. $20? How damaged?

  2. TOTALLY LOVING your finds! Especially those knobs for almost nothing! Not to mention that amazing toilet. Yes… I did call a toilet amazing, but in all fairness, we have two very-standard, not-elongated or chair height bowls in our house. They’re totally not awesome at all. Who knew toilet size/style would be so important! Keep up the good hunting Cait and you’ll be on track to set some kind of bathroom remodel budget record!!!

    • Thanks Ashley!

      I know what you mean! The toilet from that bathroom was a beige, round bowl, standard height. It also had a delightful habit of spewing toilet water while flushing if you didn’t shut the lid fast enough.

      I hope so! I am really, really hoping to find a killer deal on the tile next.

  3. You really found a lot of nice things there!

    Just a question though… will you be having the spouts inside the wall or outside? Here it has recently (well, last 15 years) became very popular to put the spouts on the outside of the wall, thereby making it very easy to see a leak or similar. And done the right way it looks quite nice.

    • Thanks Ever!

      I think you’re talking about the cut off valves? Most American bathrooms have a cut off outside the wall right under the sink, toilet, etc. We were thinking of either doing a hidden panel (sort of like this) in the bead board for the cut offs, and just plumbing it so that they are directly beneath the fixture.

  4. Hey Cait! You probably already know, but Lowes sells a pretty cheap white subway tile now. They are in stock and I think they are 22 cents a piece. I love the cross handles by the way!!!

    • Thanks Kara! I was so happy to find the cross handles at ReStore!

      I think Lowe’s had tile for 25 cents and Home Depot had it for 23 in our area, but I will double check at Lowe’s. Those are the best prices I’ve seen so far.

  5. Too bad you don’t live here in Lexington, KY. We have demolished and taken four bathroom tubs, sinks, faucets, toilets, lights, towel bars, etc to the Restore that we salvaged from the gut job we are doing on our new place. Everything was in perfect/good shape but just not our taste.


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