Guest Bath Redux

by Cait

So you saw how our evening went last night. Now we’re talking about what we want to do to start over.

I am slightly obsessed with Houzz (you can see my Bathroom Inspiration ideabook here), and we had already pretty much decided what we wanted when we found this picture:

from houzz

I love the idea of white subway tile for the shower walls & behind the sink. I want hex tile for the floor, but we are debating between the kind with black accents and just plain white with black grout. The walls will be painted the same color that they are now, Valspar Summer Sorbet. We hope to get the same faucet we have for the other bathroom ($25 by Glacier Bay), a wall hung sink (possibly one from ReStore, but the one below is a $32 Glacier Bay) and a new, chair height, elongated-bowl, eco-friendly toilet (one shown is $118 Glacier Bay with good reivews). We haven’t decided on a tub faucet yet, but the shower head is the one we were considering for the outdoor shower, which is $35 from Glacier Bay, and we’d buy or make a 90-degree arm for it. Our ceiling will be white (and flat! goodbye terrible popcorn!), and the tile won’t go that far up the walls.

We have not been paid or perked by Home Depot or Glacier bay, we just really like that brand of plumbing fixtures for the quality and price!

20 Responses to “Guest Bath Redux”

  1. absolutely LOVE all of your selections! This is going to be one GORGEOUS bathroom! I am a little hesitant on using black tiles. I like the idea of all white with black grout. Black tiles can sometimes be very harsh and limiting sylistically, but they also can look amazing!!!

    • Thanks Ashley! I just don’t want to end up with too much white. I’m going back and forth between thinking about repainting our current mirror (seen here) black and painting it yellow/goldenrod. What do you think?

      Oh also, the bathroom floor is only about 3×6.

      • hmm… that is hard. I LOVE yellow/goldenrod. What do you think about first, finding some amazing inspiration piece for the bathroom (like patterned, colorful towels) and then taking the colors from that to paint the mirror. hmm… I definitely love the wall color. :) I’m a blue girl… what can I say?

        • I think fabric/towel inspiration piece could be good. I love our current bath rug, shower curtain and clearance West Elm & Home Goods towels, but they all work in both bathrooms. I think I’m leaning towards yellow for the mirror, but that will probably be one of our last decisions. I could also see having something sort of like the Ikea Hemnes Linen Cabinet in yellow, but I don’t want to take away from whatever color we paint the mirror.

  2. It looks lovely!

    White tiles on the floor is beautiful, but remember that over the years they will easily get discolored… in that way, black tiles might be better. But then I guess there are more and more products that deal with any discolor that might appear… just something to think about, that’s all.

    I look forward to see what you do with it!

    • Thanks Ever!

      We have white dogs, so as much as I would like to go with black tiles I know that the floor would most likely constantly be covered in dog hair even when just cleaned thanks to Freckles (he sheds more than Dots). We’re going with dark gray grout, so I think that should help with the upkeep, especially after we seal the tile and grout.

      • You will not be sorry if you go with gray grout.

        • Also, I think the whole thing will be yummy. I love the “Summer Sorbet” color you have in there now and think the mirror would look good in goldenrod or black, although I think I’m partial to the black. I used to have a bedroom painted in a similar sea blue color with black furniture and I, personally, thought it looked fantastic.

          • Your old bedroom sounds fantastic! I’m hoping our bathroom comes out half as nice as the picture above, and I guess we’ll decide on mirror color a little on down the road. I think I’m leaning towards black, but I’m not 100% yet.

        • Thanks Jenny! We are debating between charcoal (which seems to be the darkest) and pewter (one step down). I think we’ll probably go with pewter, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

          • I would probably go with the pewter, too. The first house we seriously starting renovating was a 1926 Craftsman style bungalow. The bathroom had been revamped sometime in the 60’s, I’m guessing. The previous owners had started to update and used white floor tile with a gray grout. White grout, no matter how hard I try, never really stays white on the floor unless I want to scrub it daily, which I don’t. The gray doesn’t look dirty, though. It looks more purposeful and gives a nice line to the floor. Darker grout might actually show more grime, although I don’t know this for sure – just a theory. The grout we had was sort of a medium gray. The house we bought a year ago is a 1956 modern ranch. It has the original blue tub and tile on the walls, which I love. I’ve just completed a four week painting project in there and meticulously painted the louvered doors on the all the cabinets in a nice glossy white. It looks so nice. I didn’t want to change anything out because I’m trying to keep all the original fixtures since they’re in such nice shape. Ever since we bought this house, I’ve thrown myself into this whole “mid-century” thing, although I’m trying to keep within the idea of “mid-century modest” and not replacing everything just because I don’t like it. If it’s functional, it stays. ( I like to kid myself into thinking that I’m being prudent when really I’m just broke.) The only thing I wish I could change is the floor, which someone re-did before we bought the house and used that ugly 12X12 faux granite vinyl sheeting, which looks completely stupid in our bathroom. So, at the moment, grout is not an issue, unless you count the ugly faux grout on the vinyl. Also, you might want to check out this link on RetroRenovation regarding gray grout: It leads you to links regarding proper mixing etc., to avoid white spots in your gray grout. Mine didn’t seem to have that problem but I didn’t install it, either.

            • Thanks so much for that info and the link, Jenny! We will be DIYing the tile, so any and all tips are welcome! Our friend Ryan has worked in plumbing and remodeling, so I’m sure we’ll ask him a lot of questions, but it’s always good to hear about others’ experiences.

  3. Oh my I just got caught up on your bathroom issues. Love the subway go for it!

  4. that’s pretty much my ideal bathroom, down to the wall color! also, tho we’ve since moved, i got to make a bathroom almost exactly like this! we went with white hex floor tiles, with a black rosette pattern around the edges. yes we did! it was my favorite thing in the whole apartment reno. it was gorgeous, and i miss it very much!

    • Thanks Sioux! Your bathroom sounds like it was lovely, and I would miss it terribly, too! Here’s hoping you have another gorgeous bathroom soon!

  5. I saw your post on AT…we are going through the same process right now with our bathroom remodel plans and my husband is obsessed with white subway tiles and small hexagonal tile floors! I think going with a yellow/goldenrod mirror would be super awesome. If you hate what it looks like once you put it in you can always repaint! I like the idea of white tiles because they allow for so much flexibility over time.
    Everyone is raving about grey grout, which I love in theory but I fear the contrast could be too much in a small bathroom?
    While my husband is away this weekend I was going to try and surprise him with a spa like bathroom redo for our neglected guest bathroom. For now we are going with what we have ( wanna be “slate” cermic tiles ) in order to save money for a bigger redo down the line. You can see pics on our blog, I am planning on a light bluish green paint with white towels and new bright white baseboards. Any suggestions?

    • Thanks Rocky! Yeah, I think we’ll paint the mirror yellow first, and then black if we decide we don’t like the yellow.

      I’ve seen a few small bathrooms with grey grout that look great, so I think we’ll go with it (also, seems like so much less of a pain to keep clean), but I can totally see how it might be too much.

      When we did a budget spa redo for our guest bath I picked up some clearance West Elm towels and a few from HomeGoods, a glass jar that we filled with bath salts, and a couple of candles. As far as colors, I am pretty obsessed with Valspar’s Seaside Retreat line. We used Summer Sorbet in both bathrooms, It toned down the beige&pink in the guest bath, and the same color worked well in the yellow&black hall bath. I also love Spaqua and Under the Sea.

      Hope it helps!


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