Water Works

by Cait

Some of you may have seen on Facebook, but last night our hot water handle on the guest room tub decided to stop working. I have no explanation for this other than the fact that the cold water handle hasn’t ever worked since we bought the house (as demonstrated by tub filling ghetto-style above), and now whatever happened to it seems to have happened to the hot water handle. We hadn’t used that hot water handle since Sunday, but we had used the hot water in general, and everything seemed fine.

Then Robert was washing out the coffee pot to make iced coffee for this morning and noticed the water pressure was low. He assumed I had flushed a toilet or something in the back of the house. Until he realized the toilet wasn’t running. There was, however, the noise of running water coming from inside the wall in the guest bath. And the hot water heater was filling and refilling.

Cue slight panic. Cue texting Ryan “Big water leak”. Cue flipping unlabeled breakers on the main panel and the subpanel in the laundry room like mad trying to shut the hot water off.

Finally we found the correct breaker, which was thankfully isolated on the main panel. I labeled it with Sharpie, Robert took a cold shower, and Ryan texted back this morning with a plan on how to fix the problem. (And an unneccesary apology for not answering sooner. Dude, had it been life-threatening to anything but our utilities bill we’d have called. Repeatedly.)

And so, amid plans to cutting through the T1-11 (so thankful it’s not stucco like the rest of the house. yet.) outside the bathroom to cap/repair the pipe(s), and terrifying thoughts of mold & the other joys that go hand in hand with things like this, I am dreaming of the day that we have new plumbing fixtures (that work!) in that bathroom. And maybe beadboard, in case we have to go through the top side, too. (Plus it would cover the ugly tile! Hooray!) Did you know they make synthetic/PVC beadboard for shower surrounds? I didn’t. Sadly it’s $500 a panel. Can we just seal the regular stuff really well? These are questions I plan to pounce on Ryan with later, because I so don’t want to tile anything. Ever.

from Pottery Barn

We have about $0 to spend on quick-fixes and fixtures, but I would love a tub set similar to the Pottery Barn one above. You know we like cross handles, and you’ve seen our kitchen faucet, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that we want something pretty traditional for this bathroom, too.  I’m kind of thinking we’ll go with this set when we can, assuming we can just not use the hand sprayer bit. I would love this one from my plumbing-boyfriend Glacier Bay if it was a. less money and b. satin nickel.

Oh, and in case you haven’t guessed, the outdoor shower plumbing is being postponed. The $75 cast iron utility sink that I found locally at a salvage yard probably is too (assuming their online catalog is even up to date, I don’t think the message they left Robert mentioned the sink). Such is life.

PS- I already mentioned that Robert&Ryan have a plan of action, but how thankful am I that Emiley&Kyle live two minutes away and my parents live two blocks way in case we need to wash clothes or want to shower with hot water before we get things fixed? So glad to have friends&family to lean on when things get rough!


6 Comments to “Water Works”

  1. Well…what a pain in the rear to have to deal with this. I know nothing about plumbing but it sounds like a pain, at least.

    Random question to lighten the mood: Do you normally store a decorative stack of books on the toilet seat, or do you just do it for photos? ;) You could call it a toilet-scape!

    • I was wondering who was going to call me on that, Jane! I swiped an old picture from this post because I thought that it showed the plumbing situation better/more honestly than the house tour pictures. I could say that I’m so mad at the faucet that I didn’t want to look at it for a new picture, but the real reason is that I posted this on lunch break from work :(

  2. Ugh, that’s awful! I hope it can be fixed quickly, painlessly and as inexpensive as possible *keeps fingers crossed for you* Those blows to the decorating budget stink to high heavens, don’t they?

    LOVE the fixtures you’re eying *grins* They are right down my own alley. You might want to check out http://www.vintagetub.com/ – that’s become my go-to shop for things like that.

    • Thanks Micha! Yes, the blow to the budget was unpleasant.

      I feel like vintagetub.com is a little out of our price range, but I did check a few other websites. Here’s hoping something pops up.

  3. Ouch! That is like every house owners nightmare – hearing water running in the walls. I’m glad to hear that you seem to have it under control.

    I smiled at your tub filling style… it reminded me that for a long time we had a tub in the bathroom but without any taps to it. I found the tub for free on a craigslist eqvivalent and brought it home, but then it took us almost a year to buy and attach the fixtures. We would fill it using the hose from the garden attached to the shower. :-)

    • Thanks Ever! It was pretty much a nightmare! Thankfully things are more or less under control now.

      Haha that’s too funny about the garden hose!

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