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April 26, 2011

Handled That

by Cait

With the holiday, we didn’t really do anything project-wise over the weekend other than pricing/planning the shower plumbing. While we were looking at galvanized pipe we noticed that the $11-each handles I saw on the Lowe’s website were special order, so I got to work hunting down two vintage shower handles on eBay for $7.50 (that includes shipping). Score!

Though we have yet to measure or talk to Ryan, our current plumbing plans are sort of a cross between these designs (below). Fortunately for us our shower won’t cost as much as either of those.



Ideally I’d like a porcelain or metal handle that says “shower” for our shower diverter (like the second picture), but if we can’t find one we’ll use some sort of gate valve (as opposed to the ball valves in the first picture). I’m only slightly bitter that I missed out on the handle below (it came with a “hot” handle that we didn’t need, though, so I guess it’s ok).


So, until I find what we want (or am convinced that something else will do), I am That Person who emails eBay sellers, vintage hardware websites, etc asking is they have a single porcelain shower handle they’re willing to sell me. Ugh. I wish there was a good architectural salvage place around here somewhere! Here’s hoping that all the begging/pleading/emailing pays off (or I’ll just say “screw it” and special order two of these or rig up a gate valve & a hose bib handle).

Is anyone else neurotic about details like this? Hopefully I am not the only one… Until then, I’ll the crazy woman wandering the plumbing aisles.

Edit: Mariah at Historic Houseparts has been so helpful in answering all of my questions. If you’re looking for anything specific be sure to check them out, and also their plumbing division Period Bath Supply Company. They even have air vents like the ones I was looking at a while back.