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April 19, 2011

We’re Surrounded

by Cait

Just a quick post to show our outdoor shower surround, since I forgot to upload them this morning, when I discussed what we want to do for plumbing.

As a reminder, our inspiration picture:

inspiration photo from houzz

We haven’t decided what color to paint or stain the wood yet, so we’ll work on making that decision while we’re working out the plumbing (our plumbing will run up the side of the house and replace the super classy hose).

I couldn’t take many pictures during the construction thanks to a helpful combination of dead camera battery and needing both of us to hold things, but I’ll post about how we made it later.

April 19, 2011

Weekend To Dos: How We Did

by Cait

Ok, so I should have posted this yesterday. Also I forgot to upload our shower pictures. Oops.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I’m back a quick rundown of how our To Do list went, and a bit of daydreaming about the plumbing part of the shower.

gratuitous picture from Houzz 

  • Outdoor Shower Surround – Done! (Also? Ask me how annoying it is when you spend 5+ hours working on something and 20 minutes after you finish it the first person who sees it says “Do you not have a shower inside?”)
  • Calculate Outdoor Shower Plumbing Cost – Not so done. But after spending only$34 on the surround (did I mention we love gift cards and coupons?) we’re less worried about the cost of plumbing (we budgeted $150 for just the surround, gotta love being under budget). Also? When Robert rinsed off with super-cold hose water (because some wife who shall remain nameless got the sun-warmed water that had been sitting in the hose) he decided we must plumb soon.
  • Paint the Back Door – Done!
  • Living Room Curtains – Partially done. We made one panel and realized the panels are far too narrow, so we’re planning to add bands of patterned fabric down the sides. I’ll probably finish the top and bottom of the other panels and hang them until the fabric comes in.
  • Write Posts About Projects – Not so done. But hey, I have to have something to do while Robert is in class and at his weekly Tuesday night meeting, right?
  • Test Pallet Theory – Not so done. We think this will definitely work (or we’ll make it work, because we’re stubborn) but we haven’t actually tested it (unless you count removing some of the top boards months ago before we came up with this plan as “testing”). We did discuss the need to borrow more of my dad’s tools, though. I’m sure he’s thrilled at that idea.
  • Relax. – While I wouldn’t call this “done” (because, can you ever be finished with relaxing?), we definitely did make time for some relaxation! After all, it wouldn’t be a weekend without a bit of downtime. 

from houzz

For the plumbing part, we’re going to do something kind of similar to the photos above, and we budgeted about $200 for the plumbing, so we’ll see what we can do with that.  We know we want a large shower head and white porcelain cross handles. The shower head we’ve been planning to use is the one below, it’s Glacier Bay from Home Depot and it’s $35. We’ve been really happy with that brand of bathroom and kitchen faucet that we installed, and the price is reasonable.

from Home Depot

The handles I’ve been looking at are $11 each from Lowe’s and come in H, C and plain. I’m not sure if we need 3 or not, because we haven’t worked out exactly how we plan to run the pipes, but I know Robert wants a foot sprayer/hose bib so we can wash the dogs outside in the summer, and that will probably involve a diverter valve somwhere. We might use a lever handle for that instead, though.

from Lowe’s

For those of you playing along at home, that puts us at $68 already (ironically exactly twice what we paid for the shower surround). Kind of hard to swallow for three handles and a shower head, but since we saved so much on the surround I guess it’s ok. Maybe.