On the Table

by Cait

I’ve been thinking a lot about patio/deck furniture recently, especially since the weather is warming up. Our current set is fine (comfortable & in great condition), but I’m very tempted to Craigslist/garage sale it and start over. I have no idea how much we’d be able to get for our set, but it’s $299.00 at Target.

our current set

If we had an unlimited budget I’d probably go with something like the CB2 Encore chairs and Darjeeling dining table. (I know these pieces aren’t meant for outdoor/patio use, but if we had an unlimited budget, who cares?) Since we shockingly </sarcasm> don’t have $1500 to spend on patio furniture, I’m considering chairs from CSNstores.com or Ikea.  The CSN set is $159.98 for two, and the Ikea ones are $49.99 each.

Left from CSNstores.com, right from Ikea

As far as tables, I’m debating between DIYing one, and buying something. If we opt to buy something, these are the styles that I like:

Top from Ikea, bottom left from Target, bottom right from Target 

I don’t want our set to be perfectly matching (that’s part of what bothers me about our set now), so I’d probably pair the CSN chairs with something like the Target Schou table (bottom left), or the Ikea table with the Ikea chairs.

If we were to build something, it would be similar to the Schou table, metal frame with reclaimed wood top. Kind of a table version of the Crate&Barrel Fulton desk, but with chunkier legs. I have dreams of having a friend weld the frame, but I might take the easy way out and use Ikea Moliden or Vika Lerberg legs with a reclaimed wood top. (Kind of like this desk except, y’know, table-like. And not with white legs.) Ana White has good designs, too, but I really like the metal&wood look.

Does anyone have any of the pieces we’re considering?

10 Comments to “On the Table”

  1. I had never thought of that! I don’t match my dining room set, why would I match my patio set? You’re a smart lady, you are.

    • Thanks Sara!

      Funnily enough our tables inside (we have two because we’re weird) are a lot closr to matching but it doesn’t bother me. Weird how that works!

  2. I don’t have any of the pieces. In fact, I have a set similar to yours, but I love your thoughts!!! We’ve been thinking about DIYing a larger table for outside, but I don’t think that’s going to happen this year. :(

    • Thanks Ashley! I think you could easily DIY something, but I understand it maybe not being a priority since you already have a set. Ours may not be done this year either, I guess we’ll see.

  3. Hey, so I bought a bunch of acacia wood furniture from Ikea last summer. I’m pretty pleased with it, although the Ikea table you pictured may be more durable and easy because it’s not wood.
    I will say that I don’t love their wooden armchairs because they’re a bit awkward to pull under the table when you’re sitting at it. We much prefer the folding wood ones that we got from Ikea.
    I am dying to go to Ikea this weekend and check out the solar lighting for outside.

    • Thanks for the tips (and the link) Jane! The only thing I worry about with the Ikea table we’re looking at is that it says the top is polystyrene instead of metal. I guess the plus side is that we would have to pick it up in person, so if we hate it/it looks like it won’t hold uo then we can just get something else. Sort of leaning towards DIYing a table and buying chairs, but I’m so indecisive!

  4. I waited until crap was totally on sale at HD at the end of the summer and snatched it all up then. I like the Ikea stuff, though!

  5. I don’t have any of those pieces, but I am totally tempted to do the same thing. Our patio furniture is totally fine – and only 3 years old – so why do I drool over new stuff all the time?

    • That is a good question! I’m beginning to think maybe I just have a weakness for gorgeous patio/deck pictures and it makes me want new furniture. Maybe. Or I’m a shopaholic :( Why does outdoor furniture have to be so pretty sometimes?!

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