Weekend To Dos

by Cait

from houzz

Robert and I are both itching to work around the house this weekend, especially since we haven’t done much the past few weeks. I figured I’d list what we hope to get done, hopefully y’all can hold us accountable for the blog posts we need to write.

  • Outdoor Shower Surround – We may not get the plumbing part done, but we priced out the supplies for the surround, and that seems do-able this weekend. Done.
  • Calculate Outdoor Shower Plumbing Cost – We aren’t really sure how much the plumbing is going to cost  because Lowe’s didn’t have all the parts we/Robert want to use, and because Robert wanted to bounce some ideas off Ryan about it first. Also? We have to drill a hole in the side of our house to get hot water from the laundry room.
  • Paint the Back Door – We have some paint left over from the bench in our header and the mirror at the end of this post, so it wouldn’t cost us anything besides time. For anyone that doesn’t want to click the link, the color is similar to the barn door-style doors above. I think it will go with the tan we plan to use on the porch walls, and with the yellow of the exterior/that I want to stencil on the porch floor. And if we decide not to try and do something like this with the porch, then the eventual barn doors can be that color, too. Done.
  • Living Room Curtains– Yeah… about that… How long have we been talking about this? And how long have the curtain wires been up? (Don’t answer that.)
  • Write Posts About Projects – We may or may not have several projects that we finished (like hanging the curtain wires) that have not gotten a write-up. Oops.
  • Test Pallet Theory – See this post.
  • Relax.

What are y’all up to this weekend?


12 Comments to “Weekend To Dos”

  1. I’m not sure relaxing will be possible with a to-do list that long! ;)

    • Haha that’s probably true! I think I’m going to start on the back door and the living room curtains tonight (such exciting Iriday night plans, I know.) Here’s hoping that the other things can be spread out a bit so that we can get in a few bike rides, etc!

  2. BIG list! Can’t wait to see the results of your weekend adventure!!! :D

    • It is kind of a big list! I’m hoping that it’s do-able. We certainly aren’t planning to tackle the whole 12×32 deck or all the shower plumbing this weekend! I just want to lay some pallets and see how feasible that idea is, and them figure out how much of everything we need to plumb. Painting the front door wasn’t too bad (so I’m assuming the backdoor will be the same) and making the rest of the curtains was pretty easy, so maybe those can be done tonight (ok, maybe not the stenciling part, but we could stencil them later in the weekend.)

      • I’m totally stoked to see the progress! I am (sadly) going into law school finals in the next couple of weeks, so the hubby is putting me on project lockdown… :'( I have a few projects that I am planning to blog about before finals, but hopefully, as soon as finals are over, I can go crazy on outdoor projects!!! (especially with all this nice weather)

  3. Thanks for stopping by at my blog!

    I am really looking forward to see the results!

  4. Impressive list, Cait :o) Here at the Ugly Duckling it’s back to painting trim, trim and then some more trim. Oh, and I need to take care of my butcher block countertops.

    • Thanks Micha!

      We got the backdoor done last night/a bit of touch up today, bought the supplies for the outdoor shower surround and worked on getting the posts for that in place until we lost daylight. Now it’s time for some Chinese food and a bit more work on the curtains. Hoping to finish the shower surround tomorrow and price out the plumbing for that.

      Good luck with your trim work/taking care of your butcher block counters! :)

  5. I should post my to-do list on my blog…maybe I’d complete more if I did. :P

    I’m excited to see your outdoor shower…extremely jealous of that one!

    • Thanks Michelle!

      Putting the to-do list out there seems to help some. We didn’t finish everything this weekend, but we made good progress.

      We have a bit to post about the shower this week. It’s not completely finished, but we made great progress.

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