I’m Floored

by Cait

When I made our design board for our porch, I was thinking about using pallet wood for our floor.  Then I thought about just how long with would take to yank all the boards off enough pallets to cover a 14×28 porch floor. And then I saw this post on re-nest, and now I can’t stop thinking about laying sheets of ply down and stenciling them.

from here, seen on re-nest

from here, seen on re-nest

Both the photos I’m drooling over are done on planked floors, but I could see this working on plywood floors (there is actually a geometric design in the re-nest post done on plywood).  I’m debating between the design above (which Lori so kindly provides here) and picking one or two of the Sunny’s Goodtime Paint stencils below.

stencils from sunny’s goodtime paints

On the plus side(ish), I have plenty of time to decide, because there is currently a big, hulking pool table in my way. And while pool table + friends = rocking good time, pool table + installing a new floor = nightmare. I’m thinking the best way to go about doing the porch project(s) is going to be 1. make & install barn doors (and maybe plexi windows), 2. move pool table, 3. install plywood floor and paint. 

Being the bull-headed person that I am, I want to just get a bunch of guys and a couple of dollies to move the pool table to the side, but Robert says we’re going to have the guy who moved it the first time come out and move it (By disassembling it all. Again. And paying him.)  I’m nervous about how that’s going to work out, because I don’t want some guy waiting around for me to stencil. Hopefully we can have him move it, go away for a couple of hours/days while I do the floor directly under the table, and then have him come back to move it back in place.

If you’re itching for some stencil-action, check out Emily at Merrypad! She just DIYed a stencil that she will be adding to her sunroom’s floor.


6 Comments to “I’m Floored”

  1. I love these painted floors, I just can’t imagine the time it may take to do it. It is nice the stencils are free.

    Amy R.

    • I’m glad you like them, Amy! I know, it will be very time consuming! Here is a post YHL did on stenciling their sunroom with one of Sunny’s stencils.

      To be clear, only the stencil design from Lori is free (aside from the cost of materials), she supplied the design she created for her floor. The ones from Sunny’s are very reasonably priced, though. Smaller ones are $4, and I think the largest is $30. You can also buy stencil blanks from craft stores (or Amazon) to design your own.

  2. Those floors are gorgeous–I especially like the first one. It’s rustic and elegant. Good luck with your choice-and that pool table!

    And oh–when I first read the end, I thought it said you said you’d get a bunch of guys and a couple DOILIES. I was like, how would doilies help move a pool table? DOLLIES obviously makes much more sense. :)

  3. Those floors are so pretty! I love them!

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