by Cait

The title is a terrible pun on xeriscaping.

You are probably getting tired of my frequent updates today, and anyone who follows me on Facebook probably saw my in-poor-taste update about our cactus’ demise.

Apologies if it offended anyone, sometimes I don’t think (or spellcheck- yes, like that one time, Brandt) before I update my status. For the record, this is the cactus I was referring to.

His name was Cactus (pronounced cac-toose), and one day I walked into the dining room (he split his time between inside and outside, which may have been the issue) and he had withered up & keeled over, his stem broken. I’m not exactly sure what did him, but I guess he decided that Robert & I make terrible plant-parents and went the way of my Elephant bush and Basil (pronounced Baz-ill) 1, 2 and 3.

The point of this post, as hinted at with the pun title, is that I’d like to have landscaping. Stop laughing! I’m thinking the best bet is hardy grasses. Or whatever grows in the African savanna. Or a lot of mulch. And gravel. And rocks. Do you think Dots will do her business on rocks? She’s kind of a a priss. Walks around with a bee in her paw pads (no really), rolls in the dirt, and digs holes, but refuses to go out in the rain or get her paws wet. You only think I’m kidding.

I’d like something like… well, go to The Brick House’s landscape category. The End. I love this post, and I really want a firewood holder like this:

I bet Ryan could make one of these (with one hand tied behind his back) if I pleaded a lot. With cookies.

So please, help a plant-murdering girl out. What would look nice and most likely not die by a combination of the Florida heat and my lack of plant skillz?


8 Comments to “Zeroscaping”

  1. Crabgrass *giggle*

    Go here and when browsing at the blue or orange box (or any nursery type place) look for the drought tolerance tag :o)

    • Haha thanks Micha! Weeds/crabgrass/etc are about the only thing I can’t kill. I figured drought-tolerant would be the place to start. Otherwise I am clueless. So I have a feeling I’m going to become BFF with Google & the website you suggested, and cross-reference it with what is pet-friendly, since the furballs like the “salad bar” as I call it.

  2. Hihi :o) Welcome! I don’t really have what you call a “green thumb” either and so far I’ve been limited to planter boxes. I can’t wait to get started on our yard some day!

  3. Cait… what can I say… I love you! You make me laugh!!! I am no plant-savvy person either, so I can understand your pain. As such, you won’t see any recommendations coming from me. :(

  4. Cait, you keep me laughing! I think this should be your new favorite site:

    Totally fits some of your FB spelling….issues.


    • Glad to make you laugh, Brandt :)

      I love that site! My mom actually sent it to me (well, my sister sent it to her, and she passed it on to me), but I had seen a few mentions of it before that.

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