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April 7, 2011

The Devil is in the Details

by Cait

Sometimes I find myself thinking about the littler details in our house’s decor, like air conditioner vents, door knobs, doors, etc. Currently our house has hollow core doors and standard brass knobs.

From Just Home Decor

I would love to find something like this for our ceiling a/c vents. Technically these are meant for floor and wall vents, but size-wise they’d work just fine, and it’s not like we adjust the direction of our existing vents, so maybe they’d be ok? I’ve seen some at Lowe’s too, but I didn’t measure those. (Strangely my tape measure wasn’t in my purse. What? You mean no else keeps a tape measure in their purse?)

from Anthropologie

I have loved these doorknobs from Anthro ever since we used them when we made our bed for our master bedroom, and I really, really want to use them in our house.  Sadly I do not have $38 to spend per seven-or-so doors in our house. If anyone with connections to Anthro (no worries Kara, I’m not looking at you! haha) ever offered me these doorknobs I would jump at the chance so fast. Maybe one day I’ll fall into a giant pile of money.

from Lowe’s (but available pretty much everywhere)

We tried to get these doorknobs as a compromise (and by “tried to get” what I mean is, we have them, but we don’t like them for our house).  The diameter of the knob is smaller, I hate the polished brass. I know I could paint them, but it’s still just not the same.

I want to pair the knobs with five-panel doors like the one leaning up in the art room. I scored this one and two other 24″ doors from ReStore, but we still need at least three 32″ doors (the other end of the house can wait, if it needs to). We special ordered some 5-panel doors from Lowe’s a while back, but they aren’t the same.

It may be hard to see, but the panels on the ones we ordered are the same height (depth?) as the rest of the door, with just a little indent/trough around the panel. I think they’ll coordinate nicely with the actual antique doors that we scored (when we actually get around to putting them up… oops) but one day I’d like them all to match. I’m pretty sure the ones in the style of the antique doors are really expensive though. Apparently I have expensive taste (not like I didn’t already know that, I guess).

Does anyone else put this much thought into doors, doorknobs and air vents?