No (entry)way

by Cait

Does anyone remember back in November when I said we were thinking of moving the hutch back? Well, we moved it back a while ago and now I’m thinking about building a console to go on the wall where the hutch was. We don’t have a real entryway (aside from the one we sort of made/are making by the backdoor), the door just opens into the library. I think a console table might help transition the area better than having the hutch there.  Currently we have a nightstand/side table next to the door with a bowl for spare change and a hook for keys above it, but my purse always ends up sitting on the floor, the window seat, etc and jackets get slung over dining room chairs.

This wall; apparently I don’t have any other pictures.

At the moment we have two stools on that wall as a place holder , but I’d like to build something sort of like the (no longer available) West Elm Chunky Console.

And also, I’ll take one of those heater vents, i’ts gorgeous!

The idea that I keep kicking around in my head is to use 4×4 posts and maybe make it kind of rustic (and closer to the color of the first WE console), but I also saw a similar desk/console on Ana White that I’ve been considering retrofitting to work for us (hidden storage? yes please).  I’ve heard a lot of great things about the plans on her site, so that is definitely an option.


After we tackle that, I hope to move our green mirror over the console and take on a version of the key & coat rack that Tim made for Kara to go behind/beside our door.

Anyone else working on their entryway recently?  Have you seen Rebecca & Mike’s new entryway table?  The lamp they found for it is awesome!


7 Responses to “No (entry)way”

  1. Love the color combo of the hutch.

  2. I pretty much love every console that West Elm has. Last week before Mike and I found our desk, I sent him nearly every link on that site as suggestions for what we could make!

    I love the dark wood chunky one and Lowe’s as some fancy heat vents from the Allen + Roth line!

    • I love West Elm a ridiculous amount. I pretty much want everything they have…

      The dark one is really pretty, but I think the lighter one will go better in our house. Also, I think I saw those heat vents! We only have ceiling vents (at least, now that we patched over an unused intake) but I think I have seen a size that is technically meant for the floor would look nice. And maybe I’ll find a big square one to use as wall decor.

  3. I need this chunky console. I’ll pay anything. West Elm console is great.


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