by Cait

Sometimes I think it’s a good thing Ryan doesn’t read my blog, as I would imagine it’s creepy reading things like what someone else pictures in your house furniture-wise.  But you’re allowed to be creepy when you’ve known someone forever, right?  Or did I confuse that with “it’s never ok to be creepy”?  I think I can hear him saying “oi” from across town.  Oh well, probably nothing another a knock&run with Publix cookies can’t fix.*

When I decided on the post title I had no idea that it was on Urban Dictionary.  Interesting.

As of yesterday Robert and I have been married for two and a half years.  I thought that with it being wedding season and all (my non-blog Facebook is exploding with mentions of couples getting married) I would write a short post about our wedding with a few pictures I haven’t posted before.  Because waiting until our third anniversary in October to write it is so boring.

taken by the best best man ever

I designed our wedding invitations, which we printed at home on cream-colored recycled paper and mailed out in brown paper envelopes.  I went through several versions (I was convinced that we were going to have a beach wedding) before we changed our venue and I finally decided to just go with the one below which using a photo Robert took.  Also, I don’t know any other bride who can say that the best man patiently helped her draft several versions the invitation, specifically those in which she neurotically insisted there be both sea oats and a fence (sort of similar to this).

Our flowers were simple; sunflowers and daisies for my bouquet, one sunflower for each bridesmaid, and arrangements of daisies along the aisle and one the tables at the reception.  The cake was from Publix, I was expecting it to be more of a grass green but I decided I didn’t care

As I mentioned, our ceremony was outside in the a gazebo at a historical house & nursery near our town.  The ceremony itself was incredibly short (my dad quotes the caterer as saying “Oh good, the ceremony, now I can relax– wait, it’s over?!”), and was followed by a long reception on the  deck of the historic house.   We always say our wedding was really more of a party with our closest friends and family.

decorated by my incredible aunt and uncle

this is technically during our rehearsal

Speaking of our rehearsal, this photo was too funny not to snag from our photographer’s website: Robert’s pretending-to-see-me-walking-down-the-aisle face.

* Basically a ding dong ditch, but with cookies.  My sources say often provides needed comic relief.


10 Comments to “Halfiversary?”

  1. Happy Halfiversary!!!

    And without Urban Dictionary in my life, I would probably make large groups of teenagers howl with laughter at my ignorance towards modern day colloquialisms.

    (with that, I hit my vocabulary quota for the day).

    :-) !!!!

  2. Oh, I love it. It’s so pretty.

  3. too cute! I love the pics!!! Happy halfiversary! :)

  4. I absolutely love your bouquet! I wish sunflowers would be out in time for June 17. Your wedding honestly sounds a lot like what I’m picturing mine to be like: short ceremony, followed by a big party for our loved ones. And that picture of Robert is to DIE FOR.

    • Thanks Amanda! I think short ceremonies followed by big parties are the best! (But I’m biased. All weddings are awesome.) Can’t wait to see pictures of your wedding!

      Love that picture :)

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