The Bachelor

by Cait

My friend Ryan recently asked me for ideas on an inexpensive yet nice looking media tower (ok, so his exact words were “cheap neat furniture”) to house his media components, since the tv is on its own stand.  Something about his personality that makes me think he is a metal/glass/reclaimed wood kind of guy; I guess it’s probably because he is practical, creative & resourceful, he build his desk out of shelving similar to the Ikea Omar, and he has a stoplight in his house.  When I saw Kara Paslay’s husband’s first prototype it reminded me of something Ryan would make, and when I saw the entertainment unit in this Apartment Therapy House Call it also struck me as something he would do.  (Minus the gold pig and the Dia de los Muertos stuff.)

from Apartment Therapy

Based on that, I came up with a few ideas that I think would fit his personality (remember, this is the guy that made a rebar dragon).

1. Aiden Etagere $259.99 – I could really see him with something like this, but definitely not for that price. Hell, he would probably make something like one of those a lot cheaper, and it would be stronger and better looking.

2. Limhamn Shelving Unit $79.00 – Technically this is meant for a kitchen, but I think it could just as easily hold an amp, cable box and Playstation.

3. Hyllis Shelving Unit $14.99 – I think this galvanized shelf could easily be shorted to hold components, and if he added wood to the shelves it would look similar to this much more expensive Restoration Hardware piece.

4. Dwight 3-Shelf Bookcase $99.95 – I don’t really like the way this or the 5-shelf version taper at the top, but the powder coated steel and glass strikes me as something he’d like.

I could also see Ryan’s house having at least one large scale close-up photos of his motorcycles (like the photo below, but most likely without the storm trooper), a coffee table he made from a engine (like the one on Top Gear), and side tables he made like the CB2 Skinny Dip side table or the West Elm Framed Side Table (though I think his version of the Framed would use raw steel).

Ralph Lauren’s NYC Apartment, from Houzz

Top Gear coffee table

left from CB2, right from West Elm

Of course, Ryan hasn’t asked my opinion on anything other than ideas for something to hold his media components (I don’t think he really needs my opinion).  I just picture his house as a comfortable collection of practical and creative industrial pieces that you might expect to see somewhere like Restoration Hardware.


6 Comments to “The Bachelor”

  1. I am loving the industrial look right now! Can’t wait to see what his room looks like when you are finished with it!

    • I’m loving the industrial look, too! Here’s hoping he let’s me get a picture of it (I’m thinking the conversation might end with something like the line from Juno when her stepmother says she’s going to get Weimaraners; “whoa dream big!”).

  2. Decorating for dudes is definitely tough. Sadly my boyfriend loves the rustic look…. ew! I’ll train him out of it hopefully… or its just not going to work out. (Oh come on… you know youd pick your dream decor over a guy…. right?)

    • Haha too funny! Maybe you’ll change his mind, or you could just slowly decorate in your taste a little at a time without him noticing? ;) Thankfully Robert doesn’t much care what I do, I think it wouldn’t have worked out if he didn’t like my neurotic decorating tendencies. ;)

  3. Ok, so I would never choose those garage style shelves from the Apartment Therapy picture, but they made them look great! I can’t wait to see what your friend chooses! PS- thanks for the shout out!

    • I’m interested to see what direction he goes in, too. Pretty sure he’s being stubborn, forgetful or indecisive, though, haha.

      You’re welcome :)

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