Light Up My Life

by Cait

In researching my design board for the backyard and the back porch, I found a website called Barn Light Electric.  The website says they sell “true American-made and manufactured light fixtures”, which is awesome.  Unfortunately my wallet does not really agree with their prices, so I was forced to consider other sources for the extra exterior lights we need and I was surprised and amazed to discover some of the options available from Lowe’s.

1. Bel Air Lighting 1-Light Stainless Steel Wall Lantern $29.98

2. Portfolio 1-Light Outdoor Wall Light $21.98

3. Portfolio 1-Light Rust Outdoor Wall Light $19.98

I think when we get around to putting up  a couple more exterior lights we’re going to go with #3 (although #2 was a close second, and Robert really liked #1).  I love it when my favorite option also happens to be the least expensive!

While looking at the above options for around the outside of the back porch, Lowe’s thought it would be helpful to break my heart with the price of a light I decided we needed for the front porch (right now we have a lantern from HomeGoods that we retrofitted, but it hangs kind of low).  Thankfully I found another option with a quick Google search, and I like it even more!

1. Sea Gull Lighting Specialty Finish Metal Ceiling Fixture Outdoor Light $103.50

2. Grand River Lodge Fisherman’s Ceiling Light $39.99

I also loved this (and the price was much better than the one for $93.63 at Lowe’s), but that might be a bit much for our small porch.

Is anyone else thinking about changing up exterior lighting soon?

18 Comments to “Light Up My Life”

  1. Ooh… I really love those Portfolio lights. Great prices & a good look. I’ll have to check out that site.

    • I like the Portfolio lights, too. They’re actually from Lowe’s, surprisingly (not sure if that was very clear?). But Barn Light Electric is very, very cool, too.

  2. Wow I love number 2 (fisherman’s light)! And I think it looks more expensive than number 1!

  3. I’m actually thinking about outdoor lights too! We have the builder grade gold ones that need to go. Actually it’s just one above my garage door. I saw one at Lowe’s that could work, have you checked the shades of light website? They usually have a bunch of options!

    • I have looked at Shades of Light a bit, but not for outdoor lights (mostly just for things for the living room and hallway). I’ll have to check their outdoor lights out! Thanks, Rebecca!

  4. I agree – I like Fisherman’s best of the two!! The patina is awesome. This makes me wish I didn’t rent so I could have fun with lights :)

    • I love the patina, too! Do you think there is any way your landlord would let you change lights out? Or maybe you could take the approach some renters do and change things wihile keeping the old fixture for when you move out?

  5. Who knew cabella’s had lights!! I totally think that I am going to buy that one! Thanks for finding it! I am thinking of using it indoors though :)

    • Haha, you’re welcome! I think it would look great indoors! I think I might use something like it in the half bath I want to build off of the porch one day.

  6. Love the lights – now you have me thinking and now I will spend the afternoon searching the net for the best deal.

  7. We need new outdoor lights, and I’ve been loving number 2 from your first picture, but the hubby isn’t on board (I’ve been trying for a year now). Number 1 or 3 seemed like a great compromise, but both have reviews saying they rust really quick, which makes me a bit nervous.

    Great lights though! you’ve restarted my mission to replace ours…

    • Good luck convincing him/finding a great compromise!

      Here’s hoping that since ours will (mostly) be under and overhang they will be fine.

  8. We’re going to have to do new exterior lighting…once the renovation is actually finished. I am in love with #2 in photo #2. It’s so gorgeous!

  9. great post! all three are in the running for our new exterior lighting. which one did you go with?

    • Thanks Londen! We are planning on going with #2 (from the first image) when we finish our unexplected bathroom redo. Katie from Bower Power used the third one in her powder room (and it looks awesome), and Rebecca from The Lil House That Could went with something sort of similar to what we plan to use, but from Home Depot (and with a motion detector).

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