Easy Update: Porch Fan & Light

by Cait

Now that you have (hopefully) seen the backyard and porch in all their glory … something, I’m going to show you what we were up to this weekend.  As I mentioned, we scored a great deal on this Hunter fan at our local ReStore a while back, and it’s just been waiting in the shed ever since.  True to our word, we started on projects where we already had most of the supplies.

I didn’t take any during pictures while putting this fan up because it is heavy and Robert needed help lifting it.  Suffice to say that it went as most ceiling fan installs/replacements go (save for the fact that we had to switch the triangular Hunter mount our for a round universal one).  This Old House has a good step-by-step process here for how to install one when you don’t have to do that bit.  This project would have been the cost of the fan at ReStore but Hunter fans have a triangular mounting base and we had (stupidly) put the old fan out on the street before swiping its mount (and someone took it immediately), so we had to buy a new mount.  Hate it when that happens!

Please don’t judge me on the very dirty, indoor fan that Tricky Dick put outside.

So much better! I later changed the pulls out to some braided jute, and we’ll paint the ceiling later.

As for the light, I mentioned in my design board that we picked up an Ottava pendant the last time we were at Ikea, so we swapped the other fan out for that over the weekend as well.  Again, no during pictures, sorry!  The process was a lot like the hall light fixture we replaced, though.

Yes, this is the same picture, but the fans were identical.

Again, much better!

We the pull cord because it made more sense than having the switch all the way in the kitchen like some brilliant soul wired our house.  I understand that the switch being there made sense when the house was 1200sqft, but several additions later… uh, move it!  Moving the light and fan to pull cords freed up the switch for another light we recently installed, so it works out.

Fan Cost Breakdown:
Fan: $49.95 from ReStore
Fan Mount: $5.01 ($10.99 but we had $5.98 left on a gift card)
Total: $54.96 (and a savings of $244.04 vs buying it new!)

Light Cost Breakdown:

Ottava Pendant: $29.99
Nickel Canopy: $5.12 (but we had a gift card)
Pull cord: Already owned (taken from previous fans) but would have been $2
Total: $29.99

Grand Total: $84.95 (although again, we had the light and fan already, so we only spent $5.01 this weekend)

Not bad for changing out our two gross exterior ceiling fans!  Next up for the porch, I hope to make a knock-off of this $250 gooseneck light to go by the backdoor.


4 Responses to “Easy Update: Porch Fan & Light”

  1. Good job Cait! Can’t wait to see the knockoff fixture!


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