Design Board: The Backyard & The Porch

by Cait

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Now that we have internet back, I re-upload the photos from this postthis post and this post under a different file type.  Now hopefully anyone who they wouldn’t load for before will be able to see the pictures.  Because who doesn’t want to see the Backyard of Dooooooooom Tour?  (Yes, Lisa, this means you.  And anyone else they wouldn’t work for.)

Over the weekend we knocked out three of the things on our To Do List, which consequently knocked out our internet. (It’s always something, isn’t it?)  Then yesterday there were lots of lovely rumors flying around about the company I work for,  so in order to keep my sanity, I decided to daydream about the backyard and the porch.

The Backyard

1. Table & Chairs – We bought this table&chair set from Target shortly after we bought our house.  I’m not sure it’s the set I’d buy if I had it to do over again (for aesthetic reasons; I’d probably buy these chairs and this table), but the chairs are comfortable and the table has held up well.

2. Lounge Chairs – They make a chaise lounge version of our table&chairs, but I think I’m leaning towards the Ikea Applaro chaise lounge instead.  I see them working really well around the tank pool we want to build.

3. Umbrella – An umbrella for our table would be nice.  I’d love it to be a bright color (like green or yellow), but I think the Florida sun would bleach it out too quickly so cream or white is probably the best bet.  Something like this one from Target would be great.

4. Lighting – I imagine a lot of small lights.  Maybe lanterns, these Ikea solar lights or something like these Oxo Candelas.  I also really want some of these string lights from Target (I promise to find an LED version soon, but this is my daydream, and I have wanted this style of light for a long time).

5. Tank Pool & Deck – As I mentioned above, we want to make a tank pool out of a livestock tank, and ideally I’d like a small deck around it, and maybe a shade sail over it.  The idea for the pool was born after seeing this pool (which is actually a silo, I think) featured on The Brick House.

6. Outdoor Shower – I already discussed some of our plans here, but I started saving some other amazing ones (like the one shown) on Houzz.

7. Firepit – A fire pit would e nice, too.  The Incinerator that our friend Ryan’s dad used to have in his backyard was amazing (so long as you didn’t stand too close to it wearing something that would melt, like Cintas work pants).  Recently we were at a friends’ birthday party and there was a firepit made from a semi truck wheel (which was awesome), and  it got the wheels turning on how to DIY our own unique fire pit.

The Porch

1. FanA while back we scored this Hunter Fan from ReStore for $50!  Color me incredibly excited!

2. Lounge chairs – I nixed these  for the patio/deck/whatever, but I think these Ikea Ammero chaises would look great in the lounge area I envision for our porch.

3. Stump Side Table – (image from West Elm) As I mentioned a while back, we already had a stack of stumps to turn into tables and just picked up a few more (my neighbors love me</sarcasm>).  I think that at least one of them would look nice on near the lounge chairs.

4. Lighting – The last time we were at Ikea we bought one of these Ottava pendant lights to go over our pool table.  Originally we thought we wanted the Kroby, but now we’re thinking one Ottava on either end (we need to buy one more soon).  We’ll also need some more lighting in the lounge area (or at least to find a better bulb for the Hunter fan- it came with a spot light bulb, probably because that’s the only bulb the previous owner could find that fit).  I love the look of barn lights and these gooseneck lights, maybe we can DIY something similar with the old light from my parents’ kitchen.

5. Industrial Touches – (light switch image from here) It may seem odd, but I want a bit of an industrial vibe for the porch.  One day we’ll build our dream garage with studio above it, and I’ll have an industrial inspired studio with exposed brick walls.  Until then we can have an industrial-inspired porch to tide me over, with details like  exposed conduit, Ottava lights (and maybe cage lights) , and whatever else we think up.

6. Bead Board – I’m not sure that beadboard goes with the industrial look I just discribed, but I love the way it looks, and it would be a quick, hopefully cheap, and easy way to fix the painted ply currently adorning the walls.

7. Flooring – I loved the pallet wall in Will’s old nursery, so what about doing it as a floor?  We already have a stack o’ pallets, so maybe we can slap some boards from those suckers down to cover the hot mess that is the mismatching tiles.

8. TV – We are thinking about wall mounting a tv (with a bracket like this one) so that we can watch footbally or something nerdly like Mythbusters while playing pool.  We would probably obscure the tv with a curtain or a cabinet or something when it wasn’t in use.

9. Bar Stools – Initially I forgot that we also want barstools (and mabye a small pub table).  I can’t decide if I want mismatching yard sale/Goodwill finds, or something matching (and maybe stackable).  Currently loving the Ikea Sebastian stools.

Hopefully we can tackle some of these things slowly over time, because I would really like to use our backyard a lot more this summer than we did last year.  Cue the staycation.

24 Responses to “Design Board: The Backyard & The Porch”

  1. Love it :o) especially your off-the-beaten-path pool idea. I wish our backyard were bigger! I’d so steal that idea!

    • Thanks Micha! :)

      When my sister and I were little, my parents had an old clawfoot tub (no idea where they got it or where it went, maybe I daydreamed it!) that we used to flll up and pretend was a pool. I know it wouldn’t be very big, but maybe something close to that size would work in your yard?

  2. I want to come and live on your dream porch :) TV, lounge chairs, a neat fan to keep me cool – what more could you need? And LOVE the pool idea.

    • Thanks Megan! The only other things I think we might want would be a pitcher of iced tea or iced coffee, and maybe a stack of books&home decor magazines. :)

  3. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD… (and YES, I am actually screaming that!!!) I DID NOT know that Ikea had outdoor furniture, and so cheap too! How on earth did I miss this?!?!?!?!? LOVE your selections so much. I need to figure out how to do a moodboard and get on it for my frontyard and backyard!!! EEK!!!

    • Oh Ashley, you have much to learn in the ways of Ikea! ;) Sometimes it seems like they have everything!

      Glad you like the things I picked :) I’d be happy to try to help you make a mood board!

  4. is what I use and I love it! It’s very user-friendly.

    Cait – I love the clawfoot tub idea but we have a 7 y/o and he needs something bigger to last him through the Florida summer *L* We’ll see what we can squeeze in.

    • Thanks for chiming in about moodboards!

      Haha that is true, you might need something bigger, haha! I know Tractor Supply has a couple smaller sizes, and there may be somewhere with better options. Good luck!

  5. Ahh I think I am dreaming away with you. I love the lights that would be so fun in the outdoors.

    • Thanks Jordan! Something about lights like that just says “party” to me. In a good way. I’m daydreaming of having lots of get togethers with friends when the yard and porch are finally done.

  6. Both sets of lounge chairs are perfect. I love them.

  7. YAY PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The Ikea loungers are actually my birthday wish for this year. :) I’ve wanted them for forever, but I always talk myself out of buying them when they’re in stock!

    PS: Check Wal-Mart for outdoor furniture sets. They have great prices on sets that are pretty nice. We bought this one a few years ago–

    Last summer the wood was kind of worn, but after a coat of paint, we’re happy again! You can see it in this post–


    • Maybe I should have Robert add the Ikea loungers to his birthday wish list… ;) Right now I think the only thing on his list would be Lowe’s gift cards.

      That’s a great dining set (and so does your deck)! I did check out Walmart’s site for lounge chairs (since we already have a dining set), but the price at Ikea seemed to be better. But of course, once you factor in the cost of driving two hours to get the Ikea set, the Walmart (or even Target) chairs look better and better!


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