I’m Board

by Cait

I had a “tour” of our backyard for you today, but something is STILL wrong with my photo uploads (some of you may have seen that mentioned on Facebook), so we’ll go with this short post instead, and hopefully a restart will help the photo upload issue.

I saw this fabulous headboard about a week ago and started thinking about the pallets we have laying in the backyard.  Finding the correct source for the image was a bit of a wild goose chase, but I’ll avoid that rant for now.


I was planning to make something similar and hang it over the shoe cabinet (to bring in more yellow), but then we did this project.  Now I’m going back and forth between moving the mason jars somewhere else to put this up in the bedroom and thinking this might look nice over our tv in the living room (though that would require moving a clock).  I’m thinking our verion might say “everything happens for a reason”, which is something my grandmother used to say a lot.


12 Comments to “I’m Board”

  1. ahem, I was totally going to feature this on my blog sometime this/next week.


  2. It’s a fantastic headboard, isn’t it? It’s nice how something so simple, like a little paint on reclaimed wood, can present itself so well.

  3. your grandmother is a VERY smart woman! :) I LOVE the idea and that is one of my favorite headboards!

  4. This is a great idea. Beautiful and very inexpensive!

  5. Ryan tells me our headboard will never say “love” but it may say fire. Boys are weird. Besides that, though, I do love this look!!

  6. i love love LOVE this idea! it’s simple and cute! also a great idea to do a project together. :]
    thanks for sharing this…i really wish i could do something similar but our bedroom is small so we have our bed against the wall where a window is. :[ anyways, i recently found your blog and i’m in love! ;] i think your words and ideas are fantabulous & i’m going to make sure to stop often!

    happy tuesday! – ari

    • Thanks Ari! Glad you’re enjoying the blog!

      I think it would look great in other places, too! (Or at least that’s what I tell myself since we have a bedframe and can’t use it as a headboard, haha!)

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