Not So Mellow Yellow

by Cait

Ever since we changed up the curtains and added a new pillow to our master I’ve been wanting to add more goldenrod to the bedroom.

After seeing this tour linked on Apartment Therapy, I became convinced me that what I really need to do over the shoe cabinet (above this) is hunt down an ornate oval frame to go over the shoe cabinet.  We already have two mirrors in the bedroom, so I’d probably back the frame with screen  to hold my earrings.  We’ll see if that happens, I’ve been scouring eBay, Etsy, and a few thrift stores but I haven’t found anything yet. 

I also want to add a few goldenrod accessories to the dresser to help balance things out.  Maybe something like a laquered tray, or a bright picture frame.  Probably whatever I can find at HomeGoods or Goodwill and spray paint.

Oh, and after reading Russet Street Reno I am about 85% certain that I need to head to Ikea soon for some new bedside tables.  (Sara recently replaced her table with something else and you should go look at its cuteness!)  Don’t worry, I probably won’t paint them yellow– but I make no promises about a distressed finish blue.  (Distressed because with the recent jewelry holder addition I feel like the room needs more rustic.  If i wasn’t so in love with our bed I’d do a rustic headboard like these.)   I would love to add a chevron runner to our hallway like the one Sara has, but I don’t think West Elm has those anymore(my bad, they do still have it!) Helper Dog would have far too much fun sliding on it (do they make really, really sticky rug pads?)

9 Responses to “Not So Mellow Yellow”

  1. Goldenrod could be a tricky color in the bedroom but Im sure you’ll pull it off alright.

    As for chevron mats, I think Ive seen several instructions on how to make them yourself using paint. It seemed pretty easy and Im sure you could find it on google.

    • Thanks Ever! I’m planning to use yellow accents that can easily be moved to another room if they turn out to be an Epic Fail. We’ll see!

      Oh yes, if I can convince Robert that we need the chevron runner (and if I can’t find one somewhere) I plan to do paint one like Amanda at Our Humble A{Bowe}d did in her boys’ room.

  2. I also love those chevron runners/rugs at West Elm! The yellow looks great so far!

  3. I LOVE your post! Totally cracks me up that we both had “Mellow Yellow” posts recently… but I love that yours was “not so…” :) Here’s mine:

    I absolutely LOVE the goldenrod that you are using to infuse the room with color. Keep us posted with pics! Also, I LOVE the Painting the Chevron rug idea. I was considering doing one for my back patio!

    • Too funny! Further proof that great minds think alike! I’ll definitely show what other yellow accents make it into the room :)

      Oooh, you should totally paint a chevron rug for your patio!

  4. You could try “rug tape” – it’s in the Home Depot aisle with wall-to-wall carpeting accessories, etc. It’s double-sided and helps rugs stay put.

    Love the goldenrod pillow!

    • Thanks Jane! Now that you mention it I remember hearing about rug tape, I really need to try that! I’m SO tired of constantly straightening rugs that a certain-dog-who-shall-remain-nameless *coughFrecklescough* messes up. He (er- I mean, Nameless) is a big fan of bunching up the kitchen rug while I get their dinner ready.


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