Easy Update: Mason Jar Storage

by Cait

The photo colors in this post should be all better now.  Here’s hoping!

After seeing Liz Marie’s project feature on Re-Nest, I decided to make this mason jar storage rack to hold jewelry and hair accessories in our master bedroom.

Seen on re-nest, originally from Liz Marie

For my mason jar rack, I used a pallet board that we had laying in the backyard (long story), which was conveniently cut to the right length and mostly sanded (again, long story).  After a quick sand to take care of any rough edges, Robert blew any dirt off with compressed air.  Then we gathered pipe clamps from Lowe’s and mason jars that my grandparents used to use for canning.  We measured where we wanted the clamps to attach to the board and drilled pilot holes.

Then we opened the pipe clamps up, used a punch to make drilling easier, and drilled the holes for where the screws will go.


Then we took everything inside and leveled in on the wall in the bedroom.


From here we attached the outside clamps first, using screws long enough to both hold the clamp to the board as well as hold the board to the wall.


We then added the other two clamps and put the jars in place (Robert needed me to help hold the jars, so I couldn’t take any pictures of that step).


Since we already had the wood, the only thing we had to buy was pipe clamps.  Gotta love a simple, one evening, $4 project project!

12 Responses to “Easy Update: Mason Jar Storage”

  1. Ummm…. I’m basically obsessed with this. Very pretty/utilitarian/DIY/functionable. Love it.

    • Glad you like it! And even more glad that the photos don’t look strange to you! No idea what’s up with it on our second computer, my phone, and work computer.

  2. (And to me, the colors don’t look strange.)

  3. this is ingenious!!! I will totally consider something like this in my near future! Maybe incorporating them into a garage project or maybe even use them as planters outside in the back yard across the fence (depending on the size of the jar… hmm…. the wheels are turning! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • You’re welcome! I definitely don’t want to take credit for someone else’s idea, but I’m in love with this. I think it would be great in a garage or as planters, too!

  4. So I meant to tell you I loved this project, but late last night when I was reading I guess I spaced. I did retweet it though :)

    It’s seriously awesome. I love jars, and I love using hardware in unexpected ways! I’m thinking this could work well as a candle holding display on a wall, too!

  5. I’m glad you love it! yours turned out fantastic!!! Great Job!!


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