Inspiration Page

by Cait

I finally pushed publish on something I’ve been hanging onto for a while now.

I always like hearing about what inspires designers&bloggers, so I thought I’d start a section for what inspires me.  I’ll update it as the house continues to take shape.


4 Comments to “Inspiration Page”

  1. LOVE this idea! I think I might do the same. I’m working on my inspiration binder first, and then maybe I will consolidate it and add a tab to my blog ( THANKS for the idea! I can’t wait to see yours!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks Ashley! I’ll have to check yours out when you add the tab!

      Oh also, I added your blog to my blogroll yesterday after I saw you mention it on Merrypad’s Facebook. Excited to read back through what I’ve missed so far!

  2. Thanks Cait!!! I will have to figure out how to do a blogroll and add you too! (I am still VERY new to this- only a month and a half in…) :D I’ll let you know when I add the Inspiration tab!

    • You’re welcome! Looking forward to seeing it! Blogrolls are pretty easy with WordPress, you should be able to create one using the Links tab. Good luck!

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