Gone to the Dogs

by Cait

Pets and decor is often a slippery slope, especially the subject of whether or not to pets should be allowed on furniture, especially the bed (as demonstrated by a recent Apartment Therapy post).  While Dots & Freckles are generally very well behaved, we occasionally allow them to rule influence our decor choices.  We don’t allow the dogs on either couch or the Pottery Barn chair, but they are allowed on the beds (as long as they’re on top of the quilt) and Dots has her own chair (which she sometimes shares with Freckles).  In the library the dogs like to look out the window, so we put indoor/outdoor cushions on the window seat because if we put a chair they aren’t allowed on they try Freckles tries to get on whatever is there regardless.

Dots & Freckles have dog beds, too – years ago before we had Dots or a house we bought Freckles a clearance indoor/outdoor dog bed from Pottery Barn and we bought Dots her own PB clearance bed when we adopted her (it was polka dot and we couldn’t resist the irony).  We also found an inexpensive dog bed at TJMaxx (seen in living room photo above) to add to the dogs’ collection.  This is probably an obvious statement, but giving the dogs a comfy place to lay down in each room keeps them from trying to test their boundaries.

Freckles’ pillow

The only problem with the dogs’ pillows?  We’re tired of lugging them around from room to room, since the dogs enjoy hanging out in the same room as us.  One pillow is in the living room (and coincidentally it happens to coordinate with everything else in there) and Dots’ navy and white pillow normally hangs out next to the window seat in the library.  Freckles’ pillow will probably get the boot to the porch when it eventually becomes a sunroom (y’know, in 15 years or so when we can afford it) because of its indoor/outdoor fabric.  We’re considering a Molly Mutt, since we (I) fell in love with the one one Yellow Brick Home got for Jack a while back. Now the question is, which one?  I’m leaning towards the same one Jack had because I am original like that.

Molly Mutt

Are your pets allowed on furniture, or do they just have their own pet beds?

16 Comments to “Gone to the Dogs”

  1. It’s funny that you just posted this, because I’m in the process of writing a very similar post – the death of Jack’s Molly Mutt, actually! We loved that bed, but we had a puppy that didn’t know any better, and he ate his for lunch. Love those beds though! You’ll see ours next week, probably :)

    Good luck! Pets + decor does not equal bliss, but we do our best, right?

  2. ohmygosh the pillow you are considering is GORGEOUS!!!! It will totally become a chic part of your decor!

    My ferrets just recently started sleeping in my bed with paul, maddie the cat and I… which is odd — because i’m not used to them sleeping on any furniture! I wish the cat wasn’t allowed on things b/c her red fur gets EVERYWHERE! but the hubs is a pushover!

    • Thanks Jenn!

      Haha that’s funny about the ferrets! And Dots&Freckles’ hair gets EVERYWHERE regardless of whether they are allows on furniture, haha. Although Dots’ chair is more covered than anything else.

  3. Well, I learned my lesson a few years back when my doggies destroyed a brand new sofa in less than 2 years. But, in their defense I was not well educated on types of fabric I should have choosen. Since getting a new one, we do not let the dogs on the sofa. They can go on the beds, but they always manage to destroy the covers. Ugh…what we do for our loved ones.

  4. The cats have their own bed, plus their own cages, plus other strategic spots. Yet they decided that sleeping in bed with us is the best place.

    When I was working from home during the holidays, I never saw them use their beds. They always found the most difficult place to sleep, and plopped there. Whether that be boxes stacked high, a folded up sweatshirt, or under my desk, they refused to use their beds. The nerve of some animals!

    • Hahaha that definitely sounds like something cats would do! Freckles sleeps in weird places sometimes (like under the desks in the art room), but most of the time he picks a dog bed, Dots’ chair or one of the beds.

  5. My little one has 2 dog beds, one in her crate that is like her haven. Full of fluffy blankets and her favorite cloth toys, and one bed in the bedroom. She’s not allowed on any furniture, unless invited and she knows then that she has to stay on your lap and can’t touch the couch, bed, etc. If she does touch the couch/bed while climbing up, she runs to get herself completely on your lap. She’s such a good girl but with her miniature pinscher hair, it imbeds itself into every single fiber out there. Plus, right when I adopted her about 3 years ago, she has such bad anxiety that she ate my couch and pillows. So now she stays completely off and if its not broke, don’t fix it right? :)

  6. We have two dog beds, and the doggers aren’t allowed on the furniture. One of the beds we move between the bedroom and the living room (they aren’t allowed in the bedroom during the day), and the other always stays in the bedroom. But Mike did build them a trundle for under our master bed (which he hasn’t built yet – the trundle he has, the actual bed he hasn’t), so that we won’t have dog beds taking up so much room on the floor. We’ll just keep one in the living room and that’s it! http://www.housebella.com/2010/10/25/doggie-trundle/

  7. With two dogs and one cat we definitely have a place in each room for them. No sleeping in the bed but couches are free game! We’ve also perched a cat tower in our master in front of one of the windows. I’m definitely guilty of making the dog beds match with the rest of the house, though!

  8. Your dogs are adorable!! Our dog is little so he’s basically allowed everywhere. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t use a dog bed if we got him one. That Molly Mutt bed looks like a good choice!!

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