Good Times

by Cait

This is a slight departure from home decor (though I am writing a semi-related post for later).  While shopping on Amazon recently I added a book to the cart that Robert and I first checked out from the library while I was working on a photography project for college. After a relaxing afternoon wandering around the downtown library, we more or less camped out one of the aisles to browse through the art and photography books.

As you might imagine, I was first drawn to this one because of the title, but the concept seemed interesting so we brought it home.

Though it was a cute book, I think that part of the reason I bought it was simply as a reminder of lazy the afternoon we spend laying around the apartment reading and talking.  Robert and our friend Ryan were sharing an apartment at the time, and whenever I was in town from school I’d hang with the two of them.  That day while Robert and I were reading library books with the late afternoon sun streaming in the windows, Ryan came home with Frosties and the three of us flipped through books and talked for quite a while.

There is something to be said for moments when everything is simple, carefree and perfect.  I guess I just wanted a piece of that afternoon back.

Does anyone else ever buy something as a reminder of a moment in time that wouldn’t be overly significant to anyone else?

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4 Comments to “Good Times”

  1. i love days like that. :) i’ve found myself buying music from itunes that remind me of certain times in my life, just so i can sit and reminisce. lately it’s been all of my favorite songs from when i was in college. it’s so fun to have all of those memories rushing back. it was such a good time in my life. :)

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