Measure Twice, Buy Once

by Cait

This post is pretty much a random stream of thought fueled by coffee.

After reading Micha’s comment on my last post, I started thinking about using the Gislev in the art room again.  So I cleaned up the place where projects go to die art room, and stole the Gislev from the master bedroom (which I must say made the floor on my side of the bed look very naked).

While it doesn’t look too dark anymore (I may not have mentioned in this post that when I tested it for size it looked too dark for the room), but the Gislev is 4’4 x 6’5 and the rugs I’ve been looking at are all 3’6 x 5’6 – way too small, so glad I didn’t go ahead and order something!  I can’t decide if the Gislev is winning me over (and Robert is working on a friend’s car, so he hasn’t seen it yet aside from the picture I texted him).  And the Oh. My. Hell. moment of the day?  The much coveted  Option C from my last post is $345 in a 5×8.  So in short? Gislev it is for now!  (And also, if one of both of those chairs stays in the room, they need to have their seats covered again.)

Speaking of rethinking, a recent Apartment Therapy post (and the fact that the shelves we were going to use are “last chance” at Ikea) has me rethinking the build-in in the library.  That will be another post in itself, but it means that we need a place for our two Ikea Expedits from the library to go to die.

Messy Corner, I see a shelf in your future.

I have no idea what that means for door I had to have from ReStore.

While we’re looking at new pictures of the art room, to clear up any confusion: the closet office.  Currently it is hidden with a shower curtain from Target (that we originally bought for another purpose) when not in use, but  I will be making a curtain from the swatch on the wall soon.  Hopefully we can get the countertop from Ikea soon so the desk can go all the way across.

Oh, and when I stopped by Merrypad to oogle Emily’s Pebble rug in her bedroom?  (Not that I can afford that either.)  I found Zelda, and decided she needs to come live somewhere in the house.  Maybe the art room, maybe not.

So to recap,  I think this means the art room rug shopping crisis has been averted for now.

15 Responses to “Measure Twice, Buy Once”

  1. I think that rug is the best option (for now at least). It’s cheap, so if you get anything on it, it’s not a big deal and it’s a simple, fun pattern. Have you considered FLOR tiles though? You could make a simple stripe pattern thatcould be similar to option A. and they’re replacable, so if something is beyond repair, just pull it up. Just a thought. I love our FLOR tiles.

    • Thanks Amanda! I think the Gislev is staying for now (especially since Robert got home and liked it, too.)

      I have considered FLOR tiles. My favorite option (Faux Bois) was vetoed by Robert, because it looked too much like zebra stripes (which neither of us knew he didn’t like… haha). I do like the “Side by Side – Cobalt/White” pattern, though, and may have to bring the idea up to Robert again later. Oh so many options!

  2. Awww shucks! I got special mentioning – I’m so glad I could help :o)

  3. Love the grey rug!!! However, I liked the previous curtains better and from the reduced size of the pics, it looks like they would be a better match with this rug.

  4. Stopping by from HOUSEography…cute curtains!! :)

  5. Love the windows around the desk – such a great work space!! Thanks for linking up to my House Tour Party!

  6. that i.s such a fun space! love the curtains, especially. and i have the same ikea rug in my bedroom!

  7. Stopping by on the house tour—gorgeous, gorgeous room!!!


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