At a Standstill

by Cait

When I posted yesterday I mentioned my rug paralysis as far as what I think will play nicely with the new curtains in the art room.

I have scoured Overstock,, World Market, Target, etc etc, but at the moment I keep coming back to these 5 on  I think I’m making it harder on myself than it really needs to be because I keep forgetting that it’s an art room and that the point was to find something that looks nice but can get paint and glue all over it.

See how I overcomplicate things?

a) Surya Frontier Collection FT50 Grey Rug $145
b) Surya Fallon Collection FAL100 Yellow Rug $165
c) Surya Frontier Collection FT40 Grey Rug $145
d) DC Mills South Seas Collection 90100 Natural Rug $89.76
e) Kas Oriental Yazd Collection Harmony Ivory Rug $144

I love a, b and c (ok, who am I kidding, I love a & c and love, love, love b to the point where I’d almost be willing to paint the guest room grey, and give my beloved Tarnby the boot).  Sadly when I look at it with the design board for the room I really feel like the less exciting d is still the way to go.

Would that make for waaay too much jute in our house?

11 Responses to “At a Standstill”

  1. From how it looks at the reduced size in the pics, “C” looks like the color & pattern best matches the drapes.

  2. I think A or C would work with the drapes – I can’t tell what your wall color is, though. D is very nice, too. Surya is a good brand. Jaipur is a good brand, too. I worked for their company at the Las Vegas Market and was very impressed with the rugs. You might check out the Pura Vida collection or the Calypso or Blue collections from Jaipur.

  3. Great finds, all of them! You know, if it’s all about being inexpensive so you can have the occasional paint splatter and not feel guilty and staying within the same color family, why not re-use your IKEA Gislev rug in there? It’s inexpensive and color-wise it falls into your grey category like rug A and C :o)

    • Thanks Micha! I tried the Gislev in the room for size a couple weeks ago and it seemed much too dark. That was before the curtains, though, so I may have to try it again after the Gislev gets the boot from the master :)

  4. I would love C in that room, but I would worry about getting stuff on it, so I would go with D as well.

  5. Can you ever have too much jute? Nope. I think all windows should be framed with curtains this sunshine-y.



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