Landing Pattern

by Cait

Now that most of the house has new curtains, I’m starting to notice that while I love mixing patterns, certain things just aren’t working.

Ikea Gislev rug beside the bed?  Sorry, this means you.  It’s been great, but now you’re cramping my style.  We’re over.  Maybe you’ll get along with the living room “entryway”.

On the other hand, our new West Elm pillow looks lovely with the curtains (at least until it decides to migrate somewhere else in the house).

And it would look nice with these West Elm sheets

And all of the above? I think it could look good with this rug.  (Although the website says it’s actually grey, which makes me nervous. Maybe it’s greige, that would be nice/perfect.)

And because we all know that things like to migrate around in our house, it also looks quite nice in the art room/office…  Which is good, because I STILL can’t decide on a rug for in there, especially since Megan mentioned on my last post about the art room/office. So. Many. Choices!

Does anyone else have competing patterns or rug shopping paralysis?

11 Responses to “Landing Pattern”

  1. I just bought a rug that look remarkably like the IKEA rug you’re moving to your entry! I’m nervous because we don’t go for a lot of pattern normally, and I’m mixing this rug:

    with this bedding:|B003KQYXP4&CPNG=home&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=B003KQYXP4&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001

    The light green in the bedding is the same floral pattern as the rug so I think they’ll play nice, but I’m just not sure! I looked through so many rugs at RugsUSA after Megan mentioned it but I came back to this rug.

    • They look like they’ll go together really well! That rug is awesome, and the bedding’s pattern is so much smaller in comparison that I think they’ll play nicely! I’d love to see a picture of it when it’s all together!

  2. Hilarious! We were just about to buy that IKEA rug and got into a long discussion about the “fit” of that guy with our house. Turns out we didn’t have enough gray to make it work only I still like it. Hope it works in your entry way! :)

    • So sad that you may not have enough gray to make it work! I still love that rug!

      I think it worked in our bedroom with the other curtains (and because of the grey bedspread… which I’m thinking needs to go green for spring… ugh). I’m thinking I might try flipping the rug around to the orientation it is above — right now the “berries” or whatever that are closer to the end of the rug are on the window side, and it looks funky. Hopefully flipping it around and taking a wider angle DLSR picture will help until I get over my rug paralysis!

  3. I’ve been looking for a rug for my son’s room; however, I’m looking for a very simple one, because I’ve painted some rather “busy” orange stripes on his wall.

    So I’m looking for a neutral, solid-colored area rug. I think I found a good one at Ikea, too.

  4. I’m playing the pattern game now with the office! I want to hang curtains, but nothing too linear because of the stripes and Mike is picky about having anything too girly in his office haha. I ordered a bunch of samples from, I love that site! Thank you for introducing me to it! :)

    • Haha you’re welcome! I am such an enabler with apparently!

      When I saw your stripes I thought that long curtains with some sort of bright, organic pattern would look great, but I didn’t want to make myself known as Curtain Lady and suggest it… Can’t wait to see what you pick!

  5. I’ll definitely show you pictures when I get the guest room ready. I’ve got to paint first though! :D


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