Curtain Master

by Cait

Please excuse the terrible pictures in this post, Robert needed the DSLR at work today, so I’m using old pictures and ones taken with my phone...

Although we like our Ikea curtains in the bedroom, my recent crush on means that I decided the bedroom needed new curtains.  Last night while Robert was in class I decided to be productive and get them hemmed.

Here is a (terrible) before picture of the window beside our bed.

You can see a tiny glimpse of the back porch out this window.

After I finished the first curtain and hung it up I realized just how much we need some sort of lining (or maybe bamboo blinds) before we hang the second curtain, because our neighbor’s garage light shines right in the window beside the bed.  So right now our room has really mismatched curtains.  We are a classy lot around here.

While looking for bedroom pictures for this post I found the ones I took of the second West Elm sconce after we hung it.  Oops.  So here that is…  (And also? I typed “scone” first, and now I really want the petite vanilla scones that Starbucks has/used to have… Mmm…)

13 Responses to “Curtain Master”

  1. You photography people and your fancy schamncy cameras!

    I commiserate with you though – when I take pictures wtih my phone (Motorola Droid, 1st gen) and look at the pictures that my wife takes with her camera, I do get some camera-envy…

    • Haha I know what you mean! I have total camera envy when I read Katie Bower’s posts, since our camera is a pretty basic DSLR. I’m hoping for a nice, sunny weekend so that I can get some updated pictures…

  2. You did a great job with these! I really like the browns and blues and how bold the fabric is (also love your office curtains). I’m definitely checking out!

  3. LOVE this fabric too. I have a j.crew sundress in a very similar palette and pattern. Looks REALLY great as a curtain, and I like the length too.


    • Thanks Emily! And your sundress sounds awesome!

      I’m glad you like the length :) We were thinking about making them short but decided it was easier to shorten than add more length later ;)

  4. Looooove your curtain fabric choices and am tempted to shamelessly steal them for the Ugly Duckling :o) Jus’ saying *grins*

  5. oh. my. gosh! These curtains are GORGEOUS!!!! I’m in love!


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